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  • 9 Biggest Differences Between Yandex & Google SEO

    … If you’re looking to start a business and reach a Russian-speaking audience, Yandex---not Google---is the way to go. Here's what you need to know. The post 9 Biggest Differences Between Yandex & Google SEO by @ab80 appeared first on Search Engine Journal. …

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  • Ecommerce in France – What You Need To Know Right Now

    … Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 26 seconds Understanding intent, not just queries, is critical to the success of e-commerce. It is all the more critical in informing the evolution of search experiences. After all, we are developing search engines for searchers, not for keywords strings. Bing commissioned a market research from French…

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  • Which Domain Extensions Should You Use for International #SEO?

    … with around language, but there are also some big SEO and brand choices to make, including exactly what domains to use for your international presence. ccTLD Recommended for Users and Search Engines Any authoritative international SEO guide will elaborate on the differences between the options of subdirectory, subdomain, and country-code top-level…

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  • Why You Should Invest in Multilingual Digital Marketing

    … understands international SEO, the need to launch a multilingual website (or separate ccTLD sites) and create content targeted to each territory, all multi-territory activities can be controlled from one central location. Further down the line, you may decide to open a physical office, warehouse, or distribution center in one or more of these new areas…

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  • Baidu Dives into Indonesia After Pulling Out of Japan

    At the end of March, Baidu, the dominant Chinese search engine, quietly pulled out of Japan. The exit from the Japanese market was so quiet that it took a full month for anyone to even notice that the search engine part of the website had been shuttered. In an interview with TechinAsia, Baidu admitted that they hadn’t even updated their index since 2013.

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  • 12 Myths of International Search Marketing

    … your campaigns. “HREFLANG should be deployed on all international websites” Since the introduction of the hreflang markup, which basically is used to tell search engines which country and language a particular page is targeting, webmasters have rushed to add it to their multilingual websites – even when it’s not needed and their websites are already…

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  • Baidu is Now a Mobile First Search Engine

    … On October 29th, Baidu, China’s largest search engine, announced their Q3 earnings. In their earnings report, they declared that they had a “very strong quarter,” mostly as a result of mobile, which provided 36% of the total revenue, up from 30% in the previous quarter. Mobile Eclipses the Desktop Most newsworthy in the earnings report…

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  • Competitive Analysis: A Look Into the Online Food Industry

    … on search engines, I looked at the organic and paid share of search of the top competitors. And here’s what I found: In Denmark: has an 18% share of search, which makes it the top competitor of the online food category., which is an online supermarket, shares the top 5 with, another online supermarket, but also with…

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  • 11 Things You Need to Know About Yandex SEO

    … Yandex is Russia’s most popular search engine with a 62% market share, and also has a stronghold in Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey. Google is still a major stakeholder in the Russia market, but if you are marketing in Russia, you should optimize for Yandex first, Google second. Yandex has several SEO requirements that differ…

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