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  • Unlocking the Global Marketplace in 2018 with International SEO

    The continued digital momentum towards local and hyperlocal search engine optimization (SEO), driven in no small part with the adoption of voice search and home assistants (including personal search speakers), has led to a shift in focus towards the local digital landscape, and in many cases with the complete exclusion of the more traditional international SEO opportunity.

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  • Why going global is essential to your business

    SMX — Search Marketing Expo is the world’s largest search marketing conference series, with multiple events in the USA and Europe. Visit the Search Marketing Expo site to learn more: Pick your favorite event and attend! http ...

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  • Can Your SEO Campaign Be Effective in Other Countries?

    … optimizing your website for another country? Advantages of International SEO The idea is simple: get your business listed in search engines beyond the ones in your home country. For example, you might optimize your site to show up in searches in Singapore, in addition to the United States. Why would you want to do this? Broaden your demographics. If your…

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  • How to scale your business internationally on search engines

    … localization through the use of sitemaps. This is another way of accounting for different languages and countries if hreflang is not a possible solution. The solution works in a very similar way to hreflang, but sits within a sitemap rather than in the website’s source code. We tend to only suggest using this method if hreflang is completely out…

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  • International SEO: 5 ways to scale performance

    … basic SEO principles of relevancy and localization on a global scale — while also ensuring technical SEO content is delivered in the correct language to the appropriate population. As you get started with your international SEO strategy, here are five ways you can scale your practices to maximize your potential. Understand demand variations from…

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  • Ready to go global? Check your hreflang tags

    … to the latest SEMrush research, 75% of the websites that use hreflang tags get them all wrong. Which essentially means that those local pages of their websites are not getting indexed by Google and despite a great deal of effort on the SEO side, they simply don’t appear in search results. What are hreflangs? To understand why this is bad news for 75…

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  • HREFbuilder: Making HREFlang sitemaps a little bit easier

    … 12 September 2016 BY Barry Adams Since the introduction of HREFlang meta tags in 2010 to help Google understand geo-targeted content on websites, webmasters and SEOs have struggled with implementing it correctly. In theory applying HREFlang tags is pretty straightforward: just show Google what alternative versions you have of a given page…

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  • Interview: Kris Reid on SEO and Reputation Engineering

    … The Coolest Guy in SEO? Well, we interviewed him right here on the Marketing Technology Blog! Kris Reid was given that nickname by one of his clients and it stuck! He’s founder of Ardor Media Factory, a successful international SEO agency. His firm works with companies internationally to improve their website rankings, increase direct targeted…

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  • 6 Tips for Successful International Expansion

    … and businessmen spend their time doing one task extremely well instead of multiple tasks passably. 4. Pick Partners Starting a business is hard and requires an understanding of multiple disciplines. Accounting, marketing, sales, and business development are only a few areas in which you’ll need to have expertise. Most people do not have skill in all…

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  • Search marketing in China: the rise of

    … and how to conduct SEO for the popular search engines, particularly Baidu and as optimizing for one site will allow you to improve your rankings on both. Tips for SEO in China: Do not try to get a website ranked by using automatic translators or just students of the language. Using a native speaker will provide you with an infinitely…

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