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  • HOW TO: Match Your PPC Ads to User’s Search Queries

    … initial search query and would be a much more clickable ad than simply or even just How have you found ways to match user’s search queries? Adam Lundquist (@adamlundquist) is the CEO of Nerds Do It Better, an Internet advertising agency for businesses. He has been featured in The Harvard Gazette…

    Adam Lundquist/ Nerds Do It Betterin Paid Search- 14 readers -
  • 17 PPC Optimization Tips

    … Pay per click (PPC) marketing are those ads that you see on Google, facebook, LinkedIn and pretty much everywhere else you look on the Internet. This marketing channel is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to increase leads and sales online. If you are trying to use PPC and the results are not what you are looking for, then you…

    Adam Lundquist/ Nerds Do It Better- 19 readers -
  • Get Local With Your Internet Advertising

    … ability to provide local customers the individualized attention and customized solution that no national business can match. While you may not have the budget of national advertisers, you can still go toe to toe with them in Internet Advertising and win. Trust me – I spend my days consistently beating national advertisers by helping local…

    Adam Lundquist/ Nerds Do It Better- 15 readers -
  • Use Your Customers…. For Internet Advertising

    … You feel like you are on a bad blind date when potential customers visit your website. It is clear that you are not connecting with them – however, instead of ending the bad blind date with an awkward hug outside the restaurant, your poor customer interaction ends with you going out of business. This is a real problem. Users come to your…

    Adam Lundquist/ Nerds Do It Betterin Paid Search- 17 readers -
  • Why Your Customers Do Not Respond To Your Online Advertising

    …? The benefits you describe? Do your potential customers hate your website name? The amount of time the potential customers who clicked on the ad spend on the site is low, and the conversion rate (how often a visitor performs an action you would like them to) is even lower. Potential customers are uninterested. This is your online advertising…

    Adam Lundquist/ Nerds Do It Better- 13 readers -
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