Internet Engineering Task Force (Ietf)

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) develops and promotes Internet standards, cooperating closely with the W3C and ISO/IEC standards bodies and dealing in particular with standards of the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP). It is an open standards organization, with no formal membership or membership requirements. It started out as a US federal government organization, and today it operates as a non-commercial not-for-profit non-governmental organization.All participants and managers are volunteers, though their work is usually funded by their employers or sponsors.
Posts about Internet Engineering Task Force (Ietf)
  • HTTP/2: A Fast, Secure Bedrock for the Future of SEO

    … on how this new protocol works, why it is important to you, and how you can get started using it today. From experiment to standard Google created the SPDY protocol as a multi-year experiment to find a faster way for browser and servers to communicate. The results have been so positive that the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is using SPDY…

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