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  • Why You Should Give Free Content to Readers

    … at a time. Consistent New Content If you want to not only attract an audience but keep that audience engaged, you have to offer them fresh content to read, and that content should be free. This is especially true for new readers. A new reader doesn’t know you or what information and knowledge you have to offer. They are very unlikely to pay…

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  • Is Snapchat in a Race with Twitter?

    … among teenagers and millennials, seems to be creating a significant buzz. Although, these two social media channels are on different paths, the basic premise is to create user engagement. Twitter had great initial success; however, it now appears as if Snapchat has hit the bulls-eye. Increased Engagement Levels This could be attributed to the fact…

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  • Solutions to Better Track Your Marketing Performance

    … be performed quickly and thoroughly — at least not on your own. Marketing automation software could take your efforts to the next level by letting you see all pertinent metrics in one place. Many programs track lead generation, too, helping you see what’s driving interest levels in new customers. HubSpot, Pardot and TargetEveryOne are just a few…

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  • Get Maximum Exposure from Social Media

    … are the leaders in social content for your industry. You can talk about those leaders in your posts on your sites. You want to connect with them and have them connect to you. The goal is to get these leaders to share your posts with their friends and family. Thinking of Using Facebook? Once you have established your brand and developed the right content…

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  • How To Convert A Lead ~99.9% of the Time

    … I wanted to share with you a cool way I’ve been generating leads … but not through the traditional sense.It’s a weird way on how to convert a lead… and probably get the lead 99% of the time. Interested? Read on Lead = someone requested MORE information* Always adhere to CAN-SPAM (read more about spam and emails here) and ONLY email those…

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  • How To Make Extra Money: The Unconventional Guide

    …Learning how to make extra money on the internet is easy. Figuring out what to do to make extra money on the internet is not as easy. There are hundreds of categories that can be split into thousands, if not tens of thousands of ideas. This guide on how to make extra money on the […]…

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