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    • Linkbuilding 2016 (#Pubcon)

      Search is just one damned thing after another. It’s easy to feel like that, says Dixon Jones, marketing director of Majestic SEO. But it’s not actually true. It’s the same damn thing, over and over again. It’s links. There is so much information in a link. Links involve content, reach, influence, power, meaning, context, passion, intent, relevance… Links are connections.

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    • Closing Keynote: Jim Louderback (#Pubcon)

      Last session of the day, last session of Pubcon Las Vegas 2016. The crowd is clapping for everyone involved. It’s been a great conference this year (and we also heard some major Google news this morning, which was pretty cool). We’re here to hear from Jim Louderback, currently working with Wochit (he also does a bunch of other awesome things).

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  • How to Get Ready for Voice Search (#Pubcon)

    … could not hold a remote. Her best friends became Cortana, Siri and Alexa. “I had a lot of time on my broken hands.” …I already love her talk. She asks us if we remember the days before the internet. Not all of us were born yet, she knows. But, if we needed a plumber, we asked a neighbor or the phone book. Later, the first iteration of the old…

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  • Keynote: Debra Jasper (#Pubcon)

    … people to slow down and tune in to what we have to say. This requires a passion for storytelling. We warm up by discussing new technology that’s cool. She likes Magic Leap. But, anyway. There is so much information in marketing right now that is incredibly complex. The challenge is to get executives and peers to understand the value of what we’re…

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  • Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques (#Pubcon)

    … from text to photos to video. Videos are the future of marketing (okay, that future is here already). The CTR of Facebook video ads have increased by 57% over last quarter. Facebook budgets are quickly shifting to video. Targeting mobile users? Check the box that makes sure mobile users have to be connected to Wifi to avoid buffering issues, making…

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  • Keynote: Robert Scoble (#Pubcon)

    … it for virtual training, as are many other companies. The possibilities for education and training are really exciting, here. Below is a must-see video from Facebook’s F8 conference. “The world is about to get really weird, folks.” He brings up another example. (disclaimer: I missed what this one is about, grabbing the last link, but pretty much: everything…

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  • Remarketing (#Pubcon)

    … Another two-part session here today – we’re ready to share some key takeaways you need to know about remarketing. B2B Remarketing: Erin Heffernan, Account Director, Optimedia What Erin begins by looking at from a paid search point of view is the paid search conversion funnel. She knows the highest searched terms usually have the lowest…

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  • Scott Monty: The Promise of Digital (#Pubcon)

    …, something Scott wants us to keep in mind as we conduct our marketing efforts. Trust is rising. Year-over-year, it rose, dsepite not being great, in general. There’s a split between the haves and have nots – the informed, and the uninformed. The informed, and the general public. The people paying attention in an attention-starved society. His…

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  • Snapchat (#Pubcon)

    …. It’s a wonderful place for cat gifs and photos of burritos, like much of the Internet. However, there’s more to it. And many misconceptions (it’s not all about naked pictures that disappear, like we thought). Snapchat is used for creative purposes, for keeping in touch with friends. People also think it’s confusing and there’s a high barrier…

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  • Keynote: Scott Stratten (#Pubcon)

    … of books such as QR Codes Kill Kittens and UnMarketing Second Edition: Everything Has Changed & Nothing Is Different. Claim to fame in the geek world is that he is one of us. He started in internet marketing, has been to every site on the internet, and loves, loves, loves being online. When he first logged online, he printed everything he saw…

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  • The Overit-Pubcon Takeover

    … a drink and a snack before continuing. #sketchpubcon Think back to your last conference experience… Do you remember sitting in a session and hearing a speaker say something so smart it blew your mind? Or maybe they used a great analogy that you plan to steal when talking to prospects (or your boss). Or they said something that is pretty funny…

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  • Looking Back on SMX East 2016

    … Last week, Search Marketing Expo (SMX) took over New York City and brought together a number of the best minds in digital marketing. I had the honor of attending Wednesday’s sessions, which kicked off with a number of Google feature announcements before jumping into several in-depth sessions. If you weren’t able to make it to the big show…

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  • What’s Your Berlin? Lessons from Airbnb

    … Last month I had the opportunity to attend the Zenith Digital Marketing Conference in Duluth, Minnesota. The event was organized like champs by the team from AimClear in conjunction with the Duluth Chamber of Commerce. I got to speak about SEO site audits, sharing my process and tips on the periodic analysis that all sites should undergo…

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  • ICYMI: Linkbuilding Tips from #PubconSFIMA

    … February 24, I escaped the… okay, unusually sunny winter weather of upstate NY… to speak at Pubcon SFIMA (South Florida Interactive Marketing Association) Summit 2016. Speaking on the “Linkbuilding 2016” with Kyle Olson from Third Coast Media, we covered some of the issues linkbuilders have to navigate this year. I touched on the importance…

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  • Brands and Master Storytellers

    … Hey, hey, ad:tech friends. First, thanks for hanging with us during this conference! I’ve made so many new friends and I hope you’ve found the liveblogging coverage useful, or at least entertaining. We’re going to wrap up our time at ad:tech talking about brands as storytellers, which somehow seems very appropriate. I have been waiting…

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  • Marketing Automation

    … We’re back in action! Software and platforms are coming to market giving marketers new tools to move the consumer along the buying path while reducing manual processes and tasks. We know this, we’ve heard about the platforms and maybe we’ve even started using them. But now we’re going to learn to do it better. Or, at least that’s the intent…

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