Internet Marketing For Beginners

  • Use a Sales Funnel to Grow Your Business

    … Sales funnel – what do those words even mean? If you don’t know it’s okay because most don’t and even some that think they do – well….they don’t. So what is it? Depending on who you ask you can get a very simple answer or a very complicated one. I’m a huge fan of keeping things simple. The proper definition of a sales funnel is a marketing…

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  • Marketing is Mobile

    … to mobile-friendly websites. This change was referred to as #mobilegeddon in the Internet marketing world. What goes up must come down so as lots of mobile-friendly websites got a nice boost in the search, if your site didn’t meet the criteria you got the bad end of the stick. Then on March 16, 2016 Google made another announcement: “Today we’re…

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  • The 4 Most Popular Marketing Methods

    … around. How hard is that? The Least Popular Marketing Method There’s another group of business owners – a much smaller group but interesting nonetheless. They tend to need more of a strategy – they have a desired outcome for their efforts and they want to see tangible results. They’ve developed a consistent process in their business…

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