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  • 7 Easy, Call to Action Hacks that You may Be Missing Out On

    … feed what’s the first thing you’re going to see? Of course it’s the one with the featured image. That’s how visual cues work, they direct the human eye where you want them and it’s really effective in increasing your click rate. Another important aspect of visual cues is that human psychology is always at work, even with content marketing. Some…

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  • Online Reputation Management and What It Can do for your SEO

    …, Reverse SEO is you problem solving anything negative about your website. It can be hiding a negative review or simply overriding them with higher ranking content. Believe it or not, Reverse SEO is actually a White Hat Technique because it follows all of Google’s guidelines as well as doing regular SEO to improve your bad reputation. Overriding…

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  • Playing with the Search Engine: Organic vs Sponsored Results

    … As an Internet Marketer, one question people frequently ask me is “what is the difference between organic and paid search results?” Trying to get a website ranked without opting for a paid listing is not that hard to do in theory but actually getting a website ranked is challenging – but it isn’t impossible. Google’s Sponsored Search Results…

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  • 5 Social Myths You Probably Believe

    … and read some of the most common social myths debunked! Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Meghan Greene of The Marketing Zen Group. 1. With SEO quantity is king Many people believe that with search engine optimization, sheer quantity of referral links is the key. But the algorithm Google uses to rank websites analyzes the quality…

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  • Co-citation and Co-occurrence: An Overview

    … whenever I need her. The trick to co-occurrence is that it is not fully dependent on links. Just great content with mentions of the keywords or the key phrases on the web pages can bring a website into prominence, even if it barely has any links at all. Besides the “relevance” of the keywords in search queries, co-occurrence is also said to occur…

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  • A Simple Guide to Retaining Your Customers

    …/clients but one that is under-utilized by most companies today is email marketing. Email marketing requires a strategy and user-based actions to yield good results – high open and conversion rates. It doesn’t have to make every action complex and advanced, but simply be good with the basics. In this post I’d like to share a few basic tips on how you…

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