Internet Marketing Tips And Tricks

  • 7 Easy, Call to Action Hacks that You may Be Missing Out On

    … feed what’s the first thing you’re going to see? Of course it’s the one with the featured image. That’s how visual cues work, they direct the human eye where you want them and it’s really effective in increasing your click rate. Another important aspect of visual cues is that human psychology is always at work, even with content marketing. Some…

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  • Online Reputation Management and What It Can do for your SEO

    … “Reverse SEO” is a method SEO specialists use in Online Reputation Management or ORM to manage any negative search engine results that may pop up from Google. One of the most important aspects of website optimization is allowing your viewers to interact with you and many SEO specialists make use of online customer feedback survey tools in order…

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  • Playing with the Search Engine: Organic vs Sponsored Results

    … At a first glance, Google offers a simple answer on organic vs sponsored search results. Listed at the very top of the search results are the paid ones. They are there simply because they availed of Google’s “Adwords” service. How this works is that while your link is at the very top (or in another prime location), Google will charge you based…

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