Internet Of Things

  • Voice Technology is Changing the Rules of Ecommerce and Customer Experience

    … who recognizes voice commands. She will get you out of bed, remind you to bring an umbrella due to rain, as well as set home temperature and lighting levels. The impact on customer experience: So far voice technology and Internet of Things promises a new level of convenience and customization. Home is home because of a hundred personal…

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  • Will Enterprise IoT Help Jumpstart the Retail Industry?

    … Lenders are backing off financing an already ailing retail industry. Bloomberg is even predicting the Retail Apocolypse may quickly be upon us. The retail industry is starving for innovation, and the Internet of Things just may provide the boost needed. In fact, 72% of retailers are currently engaged in Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT…

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  • To Get Ahead with Customer Experience You Need Headless Commerce

    … Is your single-stack ecommerce platform limiting your customer experience and your company’s ability to innovate? Compare the capabilities of traditional single-stack ecommerce solutions with headless commerce modern solutions. Single-stack ecommerce solutions What is a single-stack ecommerce solution? Traditional ecommerce systems…

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  • What Does the Consumer Internet of Things Mean for Marketers?

    … to stay ahead of the competition. Look for an API-based platform that can work with any new customer-facing technologies — the ones that already exist and even those still to come. For marketers looking to capitalize on the cIoT, it’s important to realize that there won’t be a single, all-in-one solution that can support the commercialization…

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  • Connecting to a new podcast on digital transformation

    … By Mark Schaefer My favorite event of the year is attending the massive SXSW Interactive conference each spring. A lot of people go to connect and party … I go to learn. It’s an experience like no other. I get to listen to the greatest innovators, technologists, and thinkers on the planet. For years, I had a fantasy of of starting a new podcast…

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  • What every marketer needs to know about the Internet of Things

    … By Mark Schaefer No list of hot technology trends is complete without a mention of the Internet of Things (IoT). But as we go into a new year, how does this become real to us as marketers? How is IoT going to show up in our daily worklife? Tom Webster and I thought this would be a fascinating topic for an episode of our podcast but frankly…

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  • How the Internet Revolutionized Offline Retail

    … a purchase after a local search with 18% of these being made within 1 day Tweet This! The Internet has changed how businesses operate and customer shop forever. From simple things like customers looking for the phone number of a store online to the development of the Internet of Things (IOT) – the retail landscape has changed dramatically. It’s important…

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  • What Do Design and Innovation Leaders Talk About on Twitter? (Report)

    … From social media and mobile platforms to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the evolution of technology is driven by design leaders who work to discover innovative solutions to the challenges of the modern world. Much like tech startups must innovate to succeed, mature companies like IBM, Nike and Starbucks must innovate…

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  • IndyBigData Conference | Indianapolis | September 1, 2016

    … year. The conference track will ask, How will we thrive in a connected world? In response, you will hear thoughts and perspectives about how you should prepare and manage the massive onslaught of information that is coming our way through the Internet of Things (IoT). Additional Big Data Topics Big data visualization, analytics, outcomes…

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