An interview is a conversation between two people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee.
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  • Laura Crimmons on link building

    … With only a few weeks left until YoastCon 2017, it’s time we introduced another of our amazing speakers. Laura Crimmons is Communications Director at Branded3, an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency in the UK. Laura herself also has an admirable amount of achievements and awards under her belt, for example being named PR Moment’s Young…

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  • YoastCon interview with Michiel and Marieke

    … November 2, 2017. This date has been etched in the collective Yoast agenda’s for some time now. If you haven’t guessed, it’s when the second edition of the YoastCon SEO conference takes place. This practical conference is aimed at every site owner, business manager, content editor or anyone remotely making money with a site and trying to improve…

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  • Interview Rian Rietveld & Andrea Fercia – YoastCon speakers

    … Rian Rietveld and Andrea Fercia are two heavyweights in the WordPress accessibility community. Both legends are joining us at the YoastCon SEO conference on November 2, 2017. For this joint interview, we asked them a couple of questions about the current state of accessibility, common implementation mistakes and how to start with the right…

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  • 5 questions: Alain Schlesser – WordPress Core Contributor

    … Alain Schlesser – aka Schlessera – is a prolific WordPress Core Contributor and he is on a mission: “I want to make WordPress future-proof enough to withstand the next few online revolutions without drowning in technical debt, and as a direct consequence, ensure the longevity of the community that’s surrounding it”. Yoast supports him in reaching…

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  • 5 questions: Roy Huiskes – Chapter42

    … “SEO is more about being in ALL the right places at the right time.” That’s how SEO and internet marketer Roy Huiskes describes the importance of a complete online presence. He has worked in the business since 2003 and consulted for several big brands. With loads of experience in CRO, analytics and all aspects of online marketing, he’s one…

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  • Ranking #1 with Dave Naylor

    … but absolutely paramount. Also with regards to content, from a technical perspective, you need to watch out for duplicated, thin and badly structured content! We assume this interview has convinced people to go see your discussion panel at YoastCon on November 2! In the unlikely case someone is still in doubt, what’s the main reason they shouldn’t miss…

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  • 5 questions: Remkus de Vries – Forsite Media

    … His name is Joeke-Remkus de Vries, but you can call him Remkus. You might know him by his online handle DeFries and you could have run into him at one of the many WordCamps around the world. Remkus is a well-known and respected figure in the WordPress community and we’re glad to offer him the possibility to do more awesome work in the community…

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  • Q&A with James Crawford about Starting a Coworking Space within an Agency Office

    … It’s been a while since I did an interview on SEOno – the last one was with Emma Barnes about selling her blog (you can see all past interviews here). However I recently discovered that James Crawford (@jamescrawford) of PR Agency One had started his own coworking space within his agency’s office and – given that I’m a bit fanatical about…

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  • Link building with Dixon Jones (Majestic)

    …. Alternatively (and indeed – in addition) I strongly urge users to set up a campaign dashboard as soon as they have an account on Majestic. This starts tracking their niche and from these dashboards, you can easily analyze the sites in any of Majestic’s tools by using the “Export Sites To…” button. We assume this interview has convinced people to go see…

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  • #169: How to Pitch Yourself to Land Bigger Opportunities Online

    … Isn’t running a business like giving one pitch after another? Think about it. You’re an entrepreneur. That means you’re constantly pitching potential and existing customers, students and fans. So as intimidating as pitching an editor at Forbes or the Huffington Post may sound, you’re already doing it to some extent in other parts of your…

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  • #168: The Easy Start Guide to Live Video with Luria Petrucci

    … Video is where it’s at, folks. That’s why this latest episode is coming from my brand new studio—which, by the way, has taken me FAR outside of my comfort zone. But I wanted to take my video content to a higher level this year and that’s exactly what I’m doing, with help from my good […] The post #168: The Easy Start Guide to Live Video…

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  • Interview: Tatiana Alshevskaya, Account Manager at Mobidea Network

    … visit stay with me forever and help me learn new things. Moreover, attending affiliate marketing industry events is a great way to meet interesting people and enrich your knowledge. Please tell us more about Mobidea. What do you guys do? Mobidea is a programmatic affiliate network. We specialize in the monetization of mobile traffic from all over…

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