• Pearle Vision Keeps a Neighborhood Focus in the Battle for Patients and Customers

    … Many people who need corrective eyewear visit eye care stores every year as a regular part of life. This repeat type of business has become more and more attractive to a host of competitors who see the potential for long-term customers. These days, a slew of online-only outlets have begun to offer eyewear, putting pressure on their traditional…

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  • Looking at Location Signals, GroundTruth Looks at Ways to Predict Behavior

    Compared to other forms of media, local as its own category is only around nine years old, says Sarah Ohle, vice president of marketing insights at GroundTruth. GroundTruth, a mobile advertising and data tech company (previously xAd), is focused on offline consumer behaviors that, when analyzed and cross-referenced, can provide real-world actionable recommendations and insights for brands.

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  • How to Visualize Cause and Effect in Local Brand Marketing

    … Mark Stouse, CEO and co-founder of Proof Analytics, says there are ways for chief marketing officers to gird themselves in case of market downturns by using data to support their value to the businesses they serve. This is especially critical, he says given the growing control over tech spending that CMOs now command. Proof Analytics…

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  • Brand-building Expert Norty Cohen to Marketers: Consumer Engagement Is Key

    … Some local marketers have the wrong end of the stick. That’s the message from veteran brand expert, Norty Cohen CEO of St. Louis-based ad and creative agency Moosylvania. The company produces an annual report on the Top 100 global brands. What he learned from that research has now been made into a book on the matter of how to market in what…

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  • Why Brand Success Is About Unique Experiences and Community (And a Massive Audience)

    … Hans Tung, managing partner at venture capital firm GGV Capital, spoke at Ibotta’s Mobile Innovation Summit last month about secrets to finding and building billion dollar companies. More than 10 years ago, GGV invested in “a little company in China in 2003,” he told the audience. Now that company’s market value is more than $400 billion…

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  • Tech and Brand Partnerships Point to a New Future of Mobile Shopping

    … the company yet. That’s coming in the next month.” Natalie Gerke, Button’s head of communications, says that Button takes the local angle of commerce in full context. “It’s a bit of a different approach when the consumer is on mobile,” she says. “Look at Foursquare – if you want to book a table at a restaurant, or get a ride from wherever you…

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  • Brad Feld: Startup Founders Should Focus on Defining ‘Cultural Norms’

    … The culture around tech startups has reached a fever pitch in the U.S., with each university’s successive graduating class bringing a new crop of companies and would-be entrepreneurs into the system. But starting a company can be a wild ride, and the majority of founders starting new businesses will see their dreams crushed. According to Forbes…

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  • Interview with Jason O’Hare @MobileMonkey

    …, I’m a lover of all foods.. What’s your favorite type of food or place to eat that’s unique to Boston? Love New England Seafood! Thanks again to Jason O’Hare for taking the time out to entertain my curious mind and share some of his sales expertise with our subscribers. If you like reading interviews with top leaders in the digital space, be sure…

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