• LiveRamp Advances Data Identity Resolution in a Safe Place

      The data marketplace is nothing new, according to Benjamin Webb, head of data supply for identity resolution company LiveRamp. It’s the way that Acxiom company LiveRamp looks at the data marketplace a little differently that makes it uniquely valuable, Webb told Street Fight in a recent interview.

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    • Brad Feld: Startup Founders Should Focus on Defining ‘Cultural Norms’

      The culture around tech startups has reached a fever pitch in the U.S., with each university’s successive graduating class bringing a new crop of companies and would-be entrepreneurs into the system. But starting a company can be a wild ride, and the majority of founders starting new businesses will see their dreams crushed. According to Forbes, 9 out of 10 startups will ultimately fail.

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    • Tech and Brand Partnerships Point to a New Future of Mobile Shopping

      In the future, partnerships between brands, tech companies, and marketers will enable a massive shift in payments and change how shoppers access the goods they want. So said Mike Jaconi, CEO and co-founder of deep-linking software company Button, during Ibotta’s Mobile Innovation Summit last week, maintaining that U.S. commerce is not primed for purchase – but it’s getting there.

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  • Why Brand Success Is About Unique Experiences and Community (And a Massive Audience)

    … Hans Tung, managing partner at venture capital firm GGV Capital, spoke at Ibotta’s Mobile Innovation Summit last month about secrets to finding and building billion dollar companies. More than 10 years ago, GGV invested in “a little company in China in 2003,” he told the audience. Now that company’s market value is more than $400 billion…

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  • Interview with Jason O’Hare @MobileMonkey

    It’s no secret that I love meeting and connecting with new people. Whether it be someone in the industry or an elderly lady at the bus stop, I’m always down for a chat. In the most basic sense, I love hearing stories. This is exactly what prompted me to ask today’s guest, Jason O’Hare, if he would be interested in doing an interview for the TechWyse blog.

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  • Interview with Artem Borodatyuk @Serpstat

    … — is content. We create a lot of articles, investigations, infographics, videos, interviews with experts. Content Marketing is the the best way of marketing today, and it is proven to work very well in the long run. I think our main achievements, as I said earlier, are the ProductHunt and Appsumo deals. The last one allowed us not only to earn $250 000…

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  • Attribution and Measurement  is Creating a Data Management Arms Race

    … to a March 2017 comScore study, not including digital desktop time such as during the workday. The mobile time spent is often filling time for the consumer – during a commute, waiting for a friend or a phone call or an elevator. To access that time, Staas says, companies need richer data. “We use location data as a foundational signal, but we do a lot…

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  • Digital Transformation of Outdoor Attracting New Advertisers

    … Geopath President Kym Frank says the money that outdoor advertising industry put towards digital has reinvigorated the market by becoming more interactive and targeted. Meanwhile, the opportunity to measure the reach and effectiveness of outdoor has brought new relevance to the medium. Nonprofit Geopath had been known as the Traffic Audit Bureau…

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