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An invitation system is a method of joining an organization, such as a club or a website. In regular society, it refers to any system whereby new members are chosen; they cannot simply apply. In relation to websites and other technology-related organisations, the term refers to a more specific situation whereby invitations are sent, but there is never any approval needed from other members. Popular alternatives to this specific version are open registration and closed registration. Open registration is where any user can freely join. Closed registration involves an existing member recommending a new member and approval is sought amongst the existing members.
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  • Rumor: Social media site you love to do something you hate – unless you share this post.

    … don’t get enough Owdy sign ups, I’m not going to be able to afford that trip I’ve planned for this winter. BONUS FOR WTFSEO READERS: Owdy is currently invite only, but to help with our protest we’ve secured a free invite code for WTFSEO readers: Head on over to the Owdy Sign Up Page and use code: wtfseo UPDATE: We have reached out to that site you love seeking comment, their response can be found here. Like this: Like Loading... …

    WTFSEOin Social- 9 readers -
  • WTFSEO Announces New Social Network “Owdy”

    … As an online digital marketing site, we’re always on the bleeding edge of what’s going on in the world of SEO and Social, and as such, we’ve been seen the publicity that another new social network is getting, so we’re jumping straight on that bandwagon. Owdy is the latest MySpace Plurk Orkut Google+ Facebook Ello killer and has such buzz…

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  • Ello: The Complete Guide to the Ad Free Social Network

    Ello is the hot new “ad free and always will be” social network that all the cool kids are clamoring to get on. Although it’s been around for a few months, it’s existence went viral during the final weeks of September 2014. On all other social networks a reader couldn’t go far before seeing a post from someone asking for one of the precious but scarce invite codes.

    Mark Traphagen/ Stone Temple Consulting- 28 readers -
  • Maximum Minimum System – Get Quick Results With Rippln

    … an invitation to your email/phone – but don’t bother right now, I will just tell you the invitation code enter this code directly… (read their invite code from your invite system) “Ok click to accept – yeah, the NDA we have to keep this information private for now – that’s why you have to be invited to learn about it – then click to continue. Ok – now…

    Success How To- 11 readers -
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