• When Clients Don’t Pay: Legal Options for Freelancers

    … It’s a worst case scenario for a freelancer. After spending valuable time and energy completing a project to your client’s exact specifications, they drop contact as soon as your invoice hits their desk. Ordinary employees have numerous protections granted to them under the law, but the legal waters are murkier for independent contractors…

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  • The Secrets to Making More Money Freelancing

    … and make it much harder to become successful. At a minimum, you need some kind of CRM system to keep track of the clients you’re communicating with and billing. While you could use gmail or an email management program, a better system is to use a solution like that allows you to track customer information, time management, invoicing…

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  • Is Creating Invoices Painful? How to Make it Easy

    … It always surprises me that small businesses and freelancers are still creating invoices manually because there are free invoicing solutions available that work much better. Simply creating the invoices isn’t the important part. Tracking whether you’ve been paid or not is! While we can send invoices in PayPal and it has some elementary tracking…

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