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  • How Social Media Usage Could Affect Your Startup Funding Opportunities

    …, their culture is only good on paper and shabby in real life. If you say your customer is your No. 1 priority, then your social media content should reflect this. Apart from being able to use social media to attract customers, VCs want to see how well you value your existing customers through your social media content. Do you argue with a customer on Facebook…

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  • Legal Issues and the Role of Social Media

    … Every good thing comes with its downside. This is the case for social media in legal issues. When aggrieved victims share their stories of woe on social media, other users will often cheer them to take the matters to court, where they would get justice and possibly a windfall from the case. However, with the unbridled use of social media…

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  • Social Media Unlocks the Beauty of a Growing Automobile Industry

    … and persuade them to take action is the key. Automobile industry uses Instagram’s Hyperlaspse app to tempt new buyers Top-of-the-range, jaw-dropping images of cars look incredible on Instagram, the image-based platform. The automobile industry capitalizes on consumers’ emotions by using alluring images and videos on Instagram to pull them…

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  • 5 Signs of a Weak Social Media Campaign

    …. This means you will end up whittling your focus to a narrow but ideal number of leads. These leads should be qualified by some of the following criteria: Demographics: Use factors like income bracket, age group, educational qualifications, job role and location to determine this. A perfect tool is Facebook Audience Insights. Psychographics: While…

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  • 4 Tips to Influence Buyers and Win Social Referrals

    … that they tell other consumers about making a purchase. In summary, influencing buyers and gaining social referrals can be achieved using the above tactics, but customer service and the target customer base play a major role in the success of any business. James Jorner is a content strategist and marketer at Effective Inbound Marketing. His company specializes in online branding and digital marketing for businesses. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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  • 7 Social Branding Dos and Don’ts

    …. Delayed or clumsy response is enough to kill your brand. A notable example of a brand at the receiving end of the consequences of delayed social response is British Airways. After losing the luggage of Hassan Syed’s father–a British Airways customer–Syed created a social media campaign to create awareness about the airline’s lack of responsiveness…

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