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Jason Nicholas Miller (born December 24, 1980) best known as Mayhem Miller is a television personality and a American mixed martial arts middleweight fighter who has fought in the UFC, Strikeforce, WFA, WEC, and DREAM. Miller trains at Reign Training Center in Lake Forest, California and at Kings MMA in Huntington Beach, California. Miller was the host of MTV's reality series Bully Beatdown and occasionally appears for "Mayhem Mondays" on The Jason Ellis Show on Sirius satellite radio. He holds notable wins over Robbie Lawler, [[Tim Kennedy (fighter)|Tim Kennedy], Dennis Kang and Kazushi Sakuraba.
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  • How To Make Your Out-Of-The-Office Emails Work Harder

    … Autoresponders LinkedIn’s Jason Miller is the champion of maximizing the power of email autoresponders. Miller knows this itty little email is useful content. Even better, where most executives whip them off in a couple of minutes without any thought, Miller’s email autorresponders standout. The dirty little email autoresponder secret: Email…

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  • 2016 Small Business Social Media Trends Trump Understood

    …, check UMass Dartmouth’s small business social media use.) Buffer surveyed 1,252 respondents. They represent small businesses. This makes sense since larger organizations with more resources invest in more sophisticated, integrated social media and martech (aka: Marketing Technology). 74% of respondents work for companies with 50 or less employees…

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  • Content Marketing World Authors

    …!) Carlos Hidalgo, Driving Demand Carla Johnson and Robert Rose, Experiences Arnie Kuenn, Content Marketing Works Jason Miller, Welcome To The Funnel Joe Pulizzi, Epic Content Marketing, and Content, Inc. Adele Revella, Buyer Personas Paul Roetzer, The Marketing Performance Blueprint Tim Riesterer, Three Value Conversations If you haven’t signed up…

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  • Missed 2016 Content Marketing Opportunities

    … that human attention spans have diminished to that of goldfish. (Note: I’m not sure how you measure a goldfish’s attention span.) Follow Social Triggers’ Derek Halpern’s Rule: Spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it. To this end, schedule your initial content distribution. Even better include some test versions…

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  • Social Media Blogging: 4 Reasons Your CMO Needs

    … of their blogs. Many are still going and have expanded into professional media entities like Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert and Lee Odden’s Online Marketing Blog. Jason Miller viewed LinkedIn’s blog as the uncut jewel in LinkedIn’s content crown when he joined their team. Effectively, businesses view social media blogging as dead. Their posts…

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  • Always Be Closing: 10 Statistics Driving Sales Change

    … achieved quota Tweet This!, according to SBI. Social selling was the 1 way for sales reps to generate their own leads Tweet This!, according to SBI. According to Microsoft,relevant data insights on prospects can cut the time spent on pre-call research by over 70% Tweet This!. The Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study found that 91…

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  • Social Media Marketing World 2016 Influencer Roundup

    … section of experts across social media platforms and content formats. Further, regardless of their focus, Social Media Marketing World 2016 presenters all bring their A game to the conference. To help you, I asked theSocial Media Marketing World 2016 influencers to answer this short question: What one social media tactic do you recommend…

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  • Content Curation Grows Up: What You Need To Know

    Content Curation Joins The Content Marketing Team If content marketing is a teenager who’s left home, then content curation is its ever-present romantic attachment. Like teenage love, content curation holds a strong sway over content marketing. That’s what happens when you’re in love. Content curation may never reach content marketing’s prominence.

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  • Orphan Content: Is Your Budget Going Down The Toilet?

    …. Edgar’s Laura Roeder recommends tapping into algorithms to maximize your content reach keeping your social media shares alive on various platforms. This way you and your audience don’t forget about it. Razorsocial’s Ian Cleary spotlights older articles in his email newsletters. I’m sure it drives new readers to existing content. Noah Kagan…

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  • LinkedIn B2B Social Media Success: 3 Keys

    … The State Of LinkedIn 3Q2015 LinkedIn is the premier B2B social media platform. LinkedIn laser-focuses on its audience of approximately 400 million members. If you understand the 3 keys to LinkedIn B2B social media success, you’ll be able to use the social media platform better. It will also provide a model to improve your own marketing. 3…

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  • How Does LinkedIn’s Jason Miller MAKE Marketing Magic? #MPB2B

    … B2B Marketing Forum (October 20 – 23). Today we kick off our four part MarketingProfs interview series with none other than LinkedIn’s Jason Miller. Curious to know how the Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn continues to MAKE marketing magic at the the most successful B2B social platform for promoting content marketing? Making Marketing…

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