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  • Scaling Yourself By Simplifying Your Ideas

    … In the past year as President of a PPC agency I’ve learned a tremendous amount. I’ve come to understand the difference between decisions you don’t want to make, and decisions that are really tough to make. I’ve learned that if you don’t have one foot in today and one foot in 6-months from now you are going to miss a lot of opportunities or move…

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  • When PPC Help Never Comes

    Luck doesn’t begin to describe my circumstances growing up. Great parents, financial stability, fell into the right crowds; basically, I always had people I could count on. Later in life these circumstances have led me to naturally connect with people whom I trust. I always know that if I find myself in a tough spot someone will be there to help get me out of it.

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  • Why We Ignore Net Gains In PPC

    … with the client where they see where the extra budget is going and the value it's creating. The same if they cut the budget. They'll see the impact more directly and can make a better decision on if the new lower budget is right, or if they should revert back to the previous budget. It is my belief that we ignore net gains for two reasons. 1. We don't think…

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  • Is a Lack of Power Balance the Root of All PPC Issues?

    … between what's best for the company and what is actually being done. Outside of it being a great leadership piece, it highlighted some reasons client/agency or boss/PPC manager relationships break down. And that once it starts to break down, it is likely that things will only get worse unless one side takes a step back and refocuses everyone…

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