Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart (born July 29, 1930) is a former record company executive and producer who co-founded Stax Records.
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  • Two bald guys talking social media and content marketing

    … I was recently interviewed by my good mate Jim Stewart for MYOB’s podcast series The Savvy Accountant. { DISCLOSURE: I do advisory work with MYOB and also write for the company’s blog } While The Savvy Accountant podcast is aimed at accounting practices, the content is still highly relevant for any business, especially if you sell professional…

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  • Making sense of search engine optimisation with SEO guru Jim Stewart

    EPISODE 14 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST The sheer thought of search engine optimisation – or SEO as it’s more commonly referred to – is probably making your eyes glaze over as we speak! Let’s face it, SEO is something we know we probably should do something about (if we want to be found online via Google and other search engines) but equally, it’s often seen as some mysterious ‘dark art.

    Trevor Young- 17 readers -