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Join Me is the name given to a movement started in London by British writer Danny Wallace in 2002, and to a book by him which documents the movement's formation.Members of the movement are called Joinees and Collectively they have sometimes been referred to as the Karma Army.
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  • The Art of Managing Your Social Content | Adventures in Visibility

    This Adventure in Visibility is a celebration of the launch of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, co-authored by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick. The book covers a wide range of social media strategies, tactics and power tips. For this Adventure in Visibility we honed in on how to manage your social content so you get optimal visibility.

    Denise Wakeman/ Denise Wakeman- 15 readers -
  • Get Brave With Me

    … be taking the course WITH you this year. Join Now! To make this work, YOU have to sign up now. It’s not much money. It’s easy to afford. Make it a priority and we’ll launch your year in style. JOIN ME. You have just a few days to decide. Sure, if you start a little after January 1st, it won’t be too bad. If you start after March 1st, it’s not the same experience. …

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  • Work Life Balance?

    …, plus all my conversations with Owners over the last handful of years have led us to a lot of discoveries that we think can be helpful. Join Me for a Webinar on How to Handle Time and Family as an Owner Our next in a series of webinars, The Owner’s Heart talks you through our ideas on the following: What causes all these time problems? How do we…

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