Jon Leuty

  • The ONE Golden Rule

    … with your list first. This really is exactly what he teaches at Chris Farrell Membership. If you haven’t yet taken a look – why not?! You can – by clicking here. OK – that’s all for this Blog post, be sure to share this and come back again soon. -Jon Share on Facebook … 21 readers -
  • The Scientific Way To Be “Lucky”

    …The Scientific Way To Be “Lucky” Some people seem “lucky.” They start a home business, for example, and all the dominoes just kind of fall right into place for them. Money pours in. Leads eagerly buy from them. And they become very wealthy very quickly. Most people just chalk that up to luck. Me? I know better than that. You make your own… 8 readers -
  • My ‘one day’ action plan to make you $1,000

    …My ‘one day’ action plan to make you $1,000 Recently, we did a little ‘marketing engagement’ experiment, to see how many people we could help make $1,000 in affiliate commissions in one day. It worked just as well as I thought that it would. We ended up doing about $60,000 in sales in one day, by giving people in our special Facebook group ’all… 10 readers -
  • Why Even Smart People Fail Online

    …Why Even Smart People Fail Online Most Business Opportunities attract all kinds of people. Everyone from people who are stuck commuting to a job each day they hate and no formal business education whatsoever… to people who are extremely “educated” with business degrees and awards coming out of their ears. At first glance, you might think… 9 readers -