Just-In-Time Compilation

In computing, just-in-time compilation (JIT), also known as dynamic translation, is compilation done during execution of a program – at run time – rather than prior to execution. Most often this consists of translation to machine code, which is then executed directly, but can also refer to translation to another format.JIT compilation is a combination of the two traditional approaches to translation to machine code – ahead of time compilation (AOT), and interpretation – and combines some advantages and drawbacks of both.
Posts about Just-In-Time Compilation
  • Facebook’s HHVM Speeds Up Box

    … components and contributing bug fixes back to HHVM as our architecture and code base surfaced them were significant tasks. The migration also required a revamp of our deployment system. Since HHVM is a JIT compiler, it introduces a requirement to run new code a few times before all of the performance gains can be realized. Thus, when deploying new…

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