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  • How To Rank Your Blog on Google For Trending Topics (Video Proof)

    … in the comments below. Also, feel free to ask any questions you have, about anything. I love comments (and questions) and I love meeting the readers of my blog…. so drop me a line. With love, Amy Starr Allen Founder of the Next Level Mastermind Have questions about How To Rank Your Blog on Google For Trending Topics? Please leave them below in the comment stream and I’ll get them answered for you right away. P.s. Ready to reclaim your life? Click here to learn how I did it, and how you can, too. …

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  • How To Use a Blog To Get in Front of Your Target Audience

    If you are marketing yourself, your business, product, or service on the internet, it’s important to know how to get in front of the people who are actually searching for what you have to offer. In other words, people are searching every day by typing certain key words into Google… and they end up on the pages of the people who have positioned themselves on the first page of Google.

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  • Just Launched! ‘Truth or Hype’ TV (and our brand new ‘Smart System’)

    … following me for a while, you know that I’m a huge fan of blogging, and I honestly believe it’s one of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur or any type of business owner. Now, with this new ‘Level Up’ system, the game is being taken to a whole new level. In this video, I’ll tell you why it’s so important for you to know about…

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  • [Instant Replay] How To Build A Profitable Blog In 21 Days or Less

    Last night we had a webcast with thousands of people on it who came together to learn how to build a profitable blog in 21 days or less. David Wood (my personal mentor) shared his step-by-step plan that he has used to build team of over 200,000+ people… from blogging. A plan that has opened people up to the real truth… A plan which finally shows you how you can make real money blogging.

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  • How To Use The Kalatu Blogging Platform To Make Money Blogging in ANY Niche

    … Kalatu, the new blogging platform created by Empower Network, makes it easy to ‘Cash in on Your Passion’ by being able to easily make money blogging about YOUR passions, in any niche. In this video, I will demonstrate one of the features of the Kalatu Blogging Platform- the Call To Action menu that you can choose from at the end of each blog…

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  • Kalatu Social Media Card Preview (Video)

    … In this quick video I just wanted to show you another one of my favorite features of the Kalatu Blogging Platform. It’s called the Social Media Card. The Social Media Card is a feature that’s built in to the Kalatu Blog, and it’s super simple to set up (it only takes about 30 seconds). Once it’s set up, it serves as a unique and simple way…

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  • Kalatu Blogging Platform Preview- Cash In On Your Passion

    … it myself AND make money doing it. Hence the Crossfit blog I just created. I decided I would blog about crossfit every day for a year… just to prove what’s possible. What’s awesome already is that it’s only been 3 days (I have 4 post so far because I posted 2 on one of the days since it’s so fast with the new Kalatu blogging platform and the 21-day…

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