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  • How Top Brands Improve Customer Retention on Facebook

    Do you nurture relationships with customers on social media? Want to decrease customer acquisition costs? When you cultivate relationships with social media, you improve customer retention and ultimately boost your bottom line. In this article I’ll share how top brands use Facebook to improve customer retention, and how you can apply their tactics to your social media marketing.

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  • How to Use Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting

    … of combinations have you tried? Has Facebook ad targeting been successful for you? Please share your experience and recommendations in the comments. Tips for using Facebook ad targeting. Tags: advanced facebook advertising, facbook, facebook ad, facebook ad campaign, facebook audience insights, facebook graph serach, kandice linwright …

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  • How to Remove Fake Facebook Fans

    …? Did you notice a change in your engagement when Facebook’s algorithm changed? Tell us about it in the comments below. Tweet Tags: facebook, facebook ban, facebook banned fan, facebook engagement, facebook fan, facebook news feed, facebook news feed algorithm, facebook page, facebook page management, fake facebook fan, kandice linwright …

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  • 10 Ways to Find More Local Facebook Fans

    … Attention to Audience Insights The Audience Insights feature is a great way to find out what your local audience is interested in so you can share topics and images they’re most likely to engage with. To find Audience Insights, click Build Audience at the top right of your page and choose Use Ads Manager. On the resulting page, choose Audience…

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