• Why Search No Longer Has A Chokehold On Marketing

    … How To Think Beyond Search Marketing In 2016 Search is no longer marketing’s safety school. Don’t rely on search marketing in 2016. It won’t ensure that you’ll appear on your audience’s radar if your other marketing fails. Like a college applicant, you must hedge your marketing bets to reach your maximum potential audience. Hoping search…

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  • Content Repromotion Plan In 5 Steps

    … results you’re seeking. You need to cheer your content on through repromotion. RECOMMENDED READING: Why you need to repromote your content marketing A Content Repromotion Plan provides the additional attention your existing content needs to reach its maximum engaged audience. It extends the life of your content by getting more people to see…

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  • New Original Content VS Enhanced Existing Content

    … to stay visible. This content must be contextually relevant or it’s never seen. 75% of content ideas are turned into a content asset, published once, and never reused or repurposed again according to 2015 Kapost data. This is the epitome of once and done marketing. No wonder we feel like we’re drowning in work. We’re always creating more content…

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  • 2016 Marketing Trends To Transform Your Business

    … and intelligent content. Once and Done Content – Kapost Chart Best of breed marketers will extend their content marketing approach across their organization to include all company information. The goals are to improve the content quality and usefulness, keep branding consistent and reduce expenses. Your must create this information anyhow. Make…

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  • 5 Different Content Categories That Will Help You Increase Sales

    … different content categories that will help you increase sales. 1. Core content This is the information your customers need to know about your products and company before they’ll include you in their consideration set. Follow Marcus Sheridan‘s “They ask, you answer” approach. (Here’s a case study of how one article generated $2 million in sales.) Core…

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  • Study: Brand Content Drives Massive Brand Lift

    …, it’s trackable, and there’s a game plan in place. Much more elusive, however, is brand lift. There’s little doubt that a company’s brand lift matters—whether you’re a SaaS company like Contently, a CPG brand like Captain Crunch, or a media brand like The New York Times. And despite the fact that it’s much harder to measure than direct revenue, most…

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  • 50 (Almost) Free Ways To Repromote Content

    … How To Give Your Content New Life Get New Readers and Leads What if you could get more readers and leads from each piece of quality content so that you can look good to your boss and get yourself off of the content production treadmill? While you know in your heart this is possible, and would even improve your content since you’d have more time…

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  • 5 Ways You Can Win Big With Content Marketing Reuse

    … must be tailored to meet its specific audience’s needs in a given environment or it’s never seen. 75% of ideas on average (mode) are turned into a content asset, published once, and never reused or repurposed again according to 2015 Kapost data. The problem with this is that it uses up your marketing budget and resources with limited results. 3…

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  • Why You Need Up-cycled Content Marketing Now!

    … content marketing example Kapost leveraged the power from their Masters of SlideShare presentation into a new, related campaign entitled, How We Made The Masters of SlideShare. This upcycled content marketing effort included a SlideShare presentation, webinar and articles. Up-cycled content benefits: Kapost was able maximize their interactions…

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