• Why Search No Longer Has A Chokehold On Marketing

    … How To Think Beyond Search Marketing In 2016 Search is no longer marketing’s safety school. Don’t rely on search marketing in 2016. It won’t ensure that you’ll appear on your audience’s radar if your other marketing fails. Like a college applicant, you must hedge your marketing bets to reach your maximum potential audience. Hoping search…

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  • Content Repromotion Plan In 5 Steps

    … Related titles Subheads (Make sure they can stand alone and make sense. Think soundbite.) Quotes Data points Excerpts 2. Enhance your content with related data to your content to improve findability. Scott Abel calls this Intelligent Content. The goal is make your content easy to find, reuse and repromote when appropriate. Here’s Content Marketing…

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  • New Original Content VS Enhanced Existing Content

    … New Versus Existing Content: Which Is Better For You? To meet their audience’s content needs, marketers face a dilemma: create new original content vs enhance existing content. With 51% of B2B content marketing budgets expected to increase according to 2016 Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs research, this should be a no-brainer…

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  • 2016 Marketing Trends To Transform Your Business

    … and intelligent content. Once and Done Content – Kapost Chart Best of breed marketers will extend their content marketing approach across their organization to include all company information. The goals are to improve the content quality and usefulness, keep branding consistent and reduce expenses. Your must create this information anyhow. Make…

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  • 5 Different Content Categories That Will Help You Increase Sales

    … or more new platforms through the use of new headlines, images and/or excerpts. Extends content into a new format by re-imagining or repackaging it. Targets new audiences through distribution on new media entities and/or repromotion on the same platforms. (BTW, here’s how to make the business case for content curation.) 5 Tactics To Create…

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  • Study: Brand Content Drives Massive Brand Lift

    … consistently open Contently content. We derived our control group (unengaged subscribers) from subscribers who qualified as a 1, 2, or 3 in MailChimp—people who have limited to very little engagement with Contently content. (Read more about how MailChimp rates subscribers here.) For incentive, respondents were entered into a raffle for a $250 gift card…

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  • 50 (Almost) Free Ways To Repromote Content

    … How To Give Your Content New Life Get New Readers and Leads What if you could get more readers and leads from each piece of quality content so that you can look good to your boss and get yourself off of the content production treadmill? While you know in your heart this is possible, and would even improve your content since you’d have more time…

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  • 5 Ways You Can Win Big With Content Marketing Reuse

    … Best-in-class experts who win big with content marketing reuse To extend each content marketing effort to yield maximum results, best-in-class marketers plan their content marketing reuse in advance. 1. Todd Wheatland of King Content and author of SlideShare aims to maximize the power of every story. Depending on your business, strong new stories…

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  • Why You Need Up-cycled Content Marketing Now!

    …5 Tips to Up-Cycle Your Content Marketing Do you know what the difference is between recycled content and up-cycled content? Recycling changes waste materials into new products with the goal of reducing raw material consumption and energy use while decreasing pollution and related issues. By contrast, up-cycling converts waste or useless…

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