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    • Protecting your podcast: Finding and using “pod-safe” music

      By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist Nearly every time I give a presentation on podcasting, someone asks me about music. Typically, they’re already using popular music as their podcast opener and they’re asking me “what they should do.” My answer is always the same: “Stop using copyrighted music unless you have written permission.

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  • The Five Best Social Media Apps for Kids

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist It’s been a while since I’ve covered social media apps for kids on this blog, and behavioral trends change at a frenetic pace. No doubt some parents want to keep their kids far away from any kind of social media, especially in light of recent insights into its potential to become addictive…

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  • Building a marketing strategy? Start with empathy.

    … addresses the role of empathy and communication, turning to both academic studies and his own experiences as a professional actor. The book proposes that the basis for all effective communication is empathy. I couldn’t agree more, especially at that airport moment. How could the customer service representative for the airline not realize…

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  • Three steps to avoid influencer marketing disaster

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist There’s little room for doubt these days that influencer marketing can work. According to a study from Tomoson, businesses earn $6.50 for every $1.00 spent on influencer marketing. Moreover, consumers are 92% more likely to trust peer recommendations over ads, so it makes sense that brands would…

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  • Choosing the Right Podcast Topic (It’s Harder Than It Sounds)

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist I recently hosted a seminar on podcasting for MarketingProfs that examined how to start a podcast. During the one-hour session, I explained everything, from the podcast listening audience (thanks, Edison Research) to planning, recording, editing, and promoting your show. Nearly half of attendees…

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  • Don’t Review Your Employer on Glassdoor Until You Read This!

    … practices. To me, Glassdoor reviews are more akin to this type of speech than political speech. But I’m afraid the damage is done. Once anonymity is not guaranteed, people become reluctant to share their true opinion of a company (good or bad). No one wants to get dragged into someone else’s legal problems, especially after you’re no longer employed…

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  • Loyalty Programs Might Cost Your Business More Than You Bargained For

    … By Kerry Gorgone Loyalty programs seem like Marketing 101. A retailer or other local business offers consumers a loyalty card that entitles them to free goods or services if they visit the store X number of times or refers X number of friends, etc. The popularity of loyalty programs is difficult to dispute: in a recent survey from CodeBroker…

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  • STOP: Don’t Use Influencer Marketing Without Reading This Post

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist Influencer marketing is more popular than ever. Brands like Adobe, Verizon, and many other brands have all tapped influencers to achieve their marketing goals, and it’s working. According to a study from Tomoson, businesses earn $6.50 for every $1.00 spent on influencer marketing. If you’re…

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  • How brands can avoid getting dragged down the aisle of internet infamy

    … and from his seat and bloodied. It got me thinking: Do most employees embrace their status as brand representatives? An empowered and engaged workforce is your brand’s first line of defense against a potential PR disaster. People who consider themselves brand representatives don’t spit in customers’ food or write racist remarks on receipts. Instead…

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  • To Prank or Not to Prank: The ROI of a Brand Hoax

    … with link to ] With April Fools’ Day 2017 safely behind us, businesses can start planning their next bit of fun. Just remember, not everyone has a sense of humor, so be sensitive, be savvy, and be ready to serve any suckers who actually fall for your brand hoax. Kerry O’Shea Gorgone is a writer, lawyer…

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  • 4 Non-Marketing Skills You Need to Become a Better Marketer

    … brand voice. This means you need to choose one or two key people that all internal teams trust to approve campaigns, ad copy, social media posts, etc. If everything has to go through legal, you’ll be the very opposite of “agile,” but that doesn’t mean everyone on the marketing team should be able to make key decisions. Your finance team and CEO…

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  • Trade Libel: If you can’t say something nice, make sure you have proof

    … and needs and, in some instances, how a product or service like yours can help them to overcome those challenges. There are dozens of great books on how and why to create reader-centric content. Two of my favorite are Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes and Jay Baer’s Youtility. Why spend any time slamming the competition when you could be building trust…

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  • 7 and a Half Quotes That Aren’t Supposed to be About Marketing

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist There’s so much marketing wisdom to draw on, much of it from unlikely sources. But you’ll never find it unless you look up from the usual blogs and media outlets and scan the horizon for something new. Here are some quotes that, at first blush, have nothing to do with marketing. But after some…

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  • Cutting, pasting, and going to court. Know your copyright rights

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist As an attorney, all I want is for my friends and colleagues to avoid legal hassles. All you want is to create effective content and score big with marketing campaigns. But the legal department keeps killing your mojo with their copyright concerns. Frustrating as this experience can be, it’s…

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  • Seven Essential Mobile Apps for Marketers

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist Back in 2014, I wrote a post on essential mobile apps for marketers. It’s been a while, and since apps change more often than Kim Kardashian’s phone number, I thought it was time for an update. These days I have 144 apps on my phone. That sounds like an insane number of apps, but I have them…

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