Kevin Lyman

Kevin Lyman is creator of touring music and extreme sports festivals called the Warped Tour, the Taste of Chaos and the Mayhem tours. He also is a partner at SideOneDummy Records. He owns 4FINI which annually produces the above-mentioned tours as well as past tours such as the Down From the Mountain Tour, The Watcha Tour and Sprite Liquid Mix Tour. 4Fini is based in Pasadena, California, with four employees, including Lyman. The operations manager for 4fini is Keri Lee, who worked in radio for many years. One of Lyman's most recent successes is the Coachella and Stagecoach Festival Campgrounds. He was contracted by the promoter, Goldenvoice, to consult on the Campgrounds.
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  • BOSS 2014 Session Two: Create (#BOSS518)

    … in your head, with your questions and your ideas. Start to become experts. Do the research. Action plus a lot of courage and hard work can lead to innovation. Technology has never been so accessible. Use it. Match it with arts, creativities, humanities. Ask why and then why not instead of accepting what is. There are opportunities everywhere that would make life better for billions of people. Quick morning break… back with updates shortly from Session #3: Assess. [Looking for more #boss518 coverage? It's right here.] …

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