Keyword Analysis

  • Six ways to improve your micro-targeted long-tail keyword strategy

    … Using micro-focused keyword strategies can be a simple, impactful approach to improving your SEO results. When analyzing websites that are already successful from an SEO perspective, it’s always surprising to see how many easy long-tail wins are possible but aren’t being optimized for. Long-tail keyword targeting is nothing new. We know users…

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  • 5 Secrets to Niche Blogging Like a Pro

    … useful and reflects your niche. The good news is there are abundant templates and content management systems out there, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a design you love. 4. Understand Keyword Analysis SEO is going to play a major role in the success of your blog, and underneath it all is keyword analysis. Keywords don’t hold nearly as much…

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  • Are Long Tailed Keywords The Answer to Keyword Optimization?

    … Which is more important, the ad or the keyword? This is one of those “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” type questions. Both are unavoidable requirements of PPC creation. I can write the most compelling ad that the world has ever seen, but without the keyword, it will just sit in AdWords with a warning. Even though the answer…

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  • Why Your PPC Keywords Aren’t What You Think They Are

    … could be. You were told you would be able match the right keyword with the right ad for highly targeted traffic that allows for easy sales. All evidence proves otherwise. You take a look at your PPC stats, not that you have to – you know the symptoms like the back of your hand. You have a low click through rate, a handful of actual clicks…

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  • The People vs. Bing Broad Match

    … of the original keyword All in all, the traffic is relevant, and the money isn’t wasted. But what happens when we perform the same analysis on a branded keyword? Well… everything kind of falls apart: Bing vs. Google, Round 2: Brand keyword performance. For the sake of an honest argument, here’s the Google data including “Other Search Terms…

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  • Discover Your Account Optimization Level In 5 Minutes

    In over 10 years of honored AdWords PPC management there has always been a key question to answer, especially when taking over a direct response campaign targeting leads/sales. How optimized is this account? Or, in other words: how can I optimize this account to show improved results? Albert Einstein once said: everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler.

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  • How to Create Buyer Personas With Google Analytics

    … your audience’s interests and concerns. This will in turn make for a more engaged audience. You can find a lot of information about your brand’s online audience in the search data from your website’s analytics. Here’s how to build buyer personas with Google Analytics. #1: Research Your Website Traffic by Keyword Begin by opening up Google Analytics…

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