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  • Top Key Performance Indicators for a Local SEO Campaign

    …. Total Traffic from Google My Business Local SEO campaigns increase website visibility in the local results of SERPs. This exposure is determined by the ranking order of Google My Business listings. In order to measure the increased discoverability of a website in this locale, segment inbound traffic to landing pages that comes directly from your…

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  • Five common website redesign and rebranding mistakes to avoid

    … a website retains the keyword rankings and organic traffic you have built up in the past. Using the SearchMetrics compare tool, you can see over time how successful a redesign or rebrand is, an example of a poorly executed domain switch, would look like this: (brand name excluded, as I don’t want to name & shame!) This is not what you want…

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  • 8 Important Features of a Rank Tracking Tool

    … I never thought I’d see the day when you would be able to pull up rankings accurately whenever, wherever. I’ve used desktop based and web based rank tracking tools and none of them ever came close with AccuRanker’s speed in pulling data. We all Need Rankings That’s why we’re doing SEO, right? Indexing and Retrieval…

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  • Beyond the Bread and Butter of Digital Marketing Metrics

    … & Keyword Rankings Search visibility and keyword rankings can be very useful, but you are cautioned to use them carefully. A. Search Visibility When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, it’s imparative that you educate your clients to look at the bigger picture, and SearchMetrics is a tool that can help you do that. You know this already…

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  • Three Unexpected Reasons Your Rankings are Plummeting

    … such issues that are coming up more often. Could any of these be affecting your traffic? 1. Your Keyword is Not in the Page Title Explanation If you are losing ranking for a specific keyword, the problem could be that you are not using this keyword in your page titles. If not, you need to add it immediately. The page title is the single most important…

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