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    • TUTORIAL: Why You Should Target Long-Tail Keywords

      Having a long-tail keyword strategy has always been an undertaking that numerous SEOs try to avoid. Most of them think that it is too time-consuming hence a waste of time; it also uses up a lot of their hard-earned money. It’s perfectly understandable because it is known that long-tail keywords have low search volume, and it is not just worth the effort.

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  • Using the AIDA Model in Your SEO Strategy

    … to stay at your hotel. Keep in mind the keywords that you have chosen in the previous steps. These keywords should complement the preceding keywords and align with your strategy. If we are following the same scenario as before, you could target a keyword like “relaxing pools closest to Disneyland.” The definition should be pretty clear at this point…

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  • Quality Score – A New Low Spells Change (part 2)

    … Here’s part 2 of 2 on the changes to Quality Score that Google is rolling out in a few weeks. Check out part 1 here. What’s changing? The lowest quality score a given keyword can achieve now includes zero or null value. A keyword lacking the impressions or click data required to determine a quality score will automatically receive a null…

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  • Quality Score – A New Low Spells Change (part 1)

    … an indirect impact on Ad Rank and, in turn, our costs. By making improvements to keyword relevancy, paid media managers may begin to see improvements in their historical Quality Scores. By improving QS there should also be movement in real-time Ad Ranking which will help to improve ad position and lower cost per click. Because Google’s expected CTR…

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  • SEO v HEO (Human Eye Optimization) and How it Affects CRO

    … owners are still surprised when I tell them that keyword usage is only one part of SEO strategy. They’re more surprised when I tell them that it’s not even a particularly big part of it. We can see from the above chart, borrowed from, that over 50% of how pages are ranked is determined by factors external to the website. We also know…

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  • 6 Must-Know Tips for Successful A/B Testing

    … Conversion rate optimization (CRO) lets you achieve something quite wonderful: it helps you get more out of your existing traffic. A/B testing is the secret sauce that makes that happen. But what happens when you finally decide to carry out A/B tests? You find tons of articles on the subject and are bombarded with advice—advice which is often…

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  • Using Pivot Tables to Visualize Search Query Mismatches

    … important now that Google allows close variant matching for Exact Match types. It starts with the Almighty Search Query Report (a.k.a. the SQR). The SQR shows you the actual user search queries and which of your bidded-on keywords it was matched to. Frequently, you’ll find some pretty glaring mis-matches! Most PPCers know of this and use the SQR…

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  • Making Your Brand and Keyword Strategy Work Together

    … brand. I can think of no meaningful website where this should be different. Branding Truly is Branding But what is branding? The term branding stems from the literal act of branding cattle with a hot brand. You “mark your ownership” by branding a cow. You can “own” a product group too by putting your brand on it. Our brand is “Yoast”. It’s…

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  • A Defense Of Broad Match For SEM

    … himself invented, involves making colorful dots coalesce into a picture. If you look at some of Seurat's works close enough, all you'll see is a bunch of dots. The Art of Keywords So what does that have to do with AdWords and broad match keywords? A lot, I think. Talking to a lot of advertisers, I've noticed that a style of pointillism has emerged when…

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  • Keyword Strategies For Blogging

    …In this blog I am going to demonstrate how easy it is to get started blogging with a few simple tips for keyword searches and some simple SEO strategies. Begin your keyword strategy with the Google Keyword Tool, its free, great for key words analysis and if you register you can get some great added functionality. […]…

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