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    • The future of marketing in a blockchain world

      By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist The world is going blockchain. Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, raised at a $1.6B valuation in August. Last week the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, referred to the use of cryptocurrencies as “dollarization 2.0.” But blockchain isn’t only for cryptocurrencies.

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  • Basic Attention Token looks to re-invent online advertising

    … By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist if you can’t see the video above, click here: Basic Attention Tokens Video By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist These are the startling opening lines to Basic Attention Token’s business case whitepaper, the in-depth document every cryptocurrency prepares to explain their business…

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  • Five stellar community engagement platforms that rock, and one to avoid!

    … By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist Community engagement is a difficult task, especially when new platforms are cropping up all the time. Here’s a helpful list of five stellar community engagement platforms that might not occur to you — and one that could look enticing, but would be best to avoid! Anchor Originally an app to record…

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  • What is an ICO and what does it mean to new businesses?

    …. What’s the difference between a token and a bitcoin or altcoin? The simplest way to think of the difference between a token and a coin is that coins are peer to peer and have their own Blockchain (like Bitcoin itself) while tokens rest on top of another Blockchain (like Golem is on Ethereum). Ethereum, which creates smart contracts, can easily…

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  • Customer success: 3 Off-beat tools for small businesses

    … as a solopreneur. I hope that by reading them, you don’t have to learn them the hard way! First, what is customer success? Customer success is a retention-based customer service policy. The goal is not only to leave the customer happy, but also to ensure that they know how to utilize your product fully, that they’re enjoying use of your product…

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  • How to keep yourself safe from social engineering attacks

    … fingerprint alone I hope these tips are useful to you. Have fun on the web, but be careful out there! Kiki Schirr is a freelance marketer. She is currently building a video platform called WeKiki and draws Tech Doodles. Kiki can be reached easily through Twitter. The post How to keep yourself safe from social engineering attacks appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. …

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  • Make Your Mark: A “Space” Suggestion for KNOWN

    … By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist In Chapter 5 of Mark Schaefer’s new book, KNOWN: The handbook for building and unleashing your personal brand in the digital age, he suggests eight strategies to find your own “space.” By space, he means your own corner of the Internet in which to flourish — an un-contested, or under-served, niche…

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  • Medium’s dark power

    … By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist Medium can seem like the Dark Side to a marketing Padawan. Its dominance calls to us — but we’ve been warned by our elders that owned media is the only true road to power. Most marketing blogs will have an article about how to use Medium as a marketer. Very few of these articles go into depth…

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  • We have a new government. IssueVoter can help you make sure they’re doing their jobs.

    … in the sand about politics had left me completely ignorant. And even if I hadn’t been ignorant, a lot of the information being thrown at me was… wrong! Every sign seemed to tell me to vote against the grocery tax. That seemed simple enough. Until I did a little research and realized they were taxing sugary sodas only—and that the giant…

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  • Six steps to increase your app conversion rate

    … Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist App marketing is a difficult job. Your goal is higher downloads and app conversion rate in a crowded space with strict marketplace rules. Often the people who build apps are from small teams with no formal training in marketing. And unlike marketing physical goods, advertising might not be your best…

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  • A reasonable guide to reddit for marketers

    … comments as useful feedback. Have you used reddit for marketing before? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Kiki Schirr is a freelance marketer. She is also working on a lifestyle magazine for women in technology called Valley Girl — she would love for you to check it out! Kiki is also the author…

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  • What is Blockchain and what is its impact on marketing?

    … and be knowledgeable. Then I’ll go over other applications of Bitcoin and why it is important for marketers to be in the know. What is Blockchain? At its heart, Blockchain is a database. For Bitcoin, it serves as a public ledger. Every ten minutes all the recent transactions are written to a new “block,” which is then linked back to the old block, like a chain…

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  • Ghostcodes makes Snapchat more marketer-friendly

    … By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist Recently, Mark Schaefer wrote “A balanced view of using Snapchat for marketing,” in which he urged marketers to take a grain of salt with the undeniably overhyped network. I could not agree more. And when I tweeted that post, many people echoed Mark’s sentiment. …and then this month, Ghostcodes hit…

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  • Livestreaming: Twitch, Hitbox, and the massive opportunity in eSports

    … could be a match for you. How to Get Started in eSports Livestreaming There are a few ways to promote your brand on channels like Twitch, and its smaller, friendlier competitor Hitbox. The first, and lowest effort option, is to contact the channels directly. Both have programs to insert ads into streams. If you’re looking to get a quick start…

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  • 16 Essential educational resources for the marketing professional

    … be granted a certificate of achievement that looks great on LinkedIn. However, while most courses are free, the certificate programs do have fees. Skillshare Skillshare is similar to Udemy, with a more artsy focus. You’ll find marketing classes on both, however — and there might be some overlap, so compare prices! Inbound is Hubspot’s…

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  • 5 Critical things you need to know about Periscope now

    … By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist Golberg This month Twitter started autoplaying Periscope streams within its feed. While some marketers had previously been able to overlook the importance of livestreaming apps like Periscope, any brand with a strong Twitter presence is scurrying to catch up … As am I! At the beginning of the week…

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