• Street Fight Daily: Uber Racks Up Big Losses, Businesses Coming to WhatsApp

    … service in New Zealand. The project is a partnership between Domino’s and Flirtey — a drone delivery startup — and it’s set to launch later this year in test markets. Openings and New Hires at YP, RetailNext, and TigerPistol (Street Fight) Every two weeks, Geoff Michener covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry…

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  • Local Loyalty: Klosebuy Plans to Bring Powerful Marketing to Main Street

    … I’ve never really taken advantage of loyalty programs — at least not those that require me to do more than verbally communicate a number, like I do at my grocery store. Cards, coupons and their ilk (even when digitized) seem to slip into a clutter of potential savings that I have never seemed to tidy. But that’s me, and that was then. New…

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