• Google Glass, Good Riddance

    … and again, but I would never want to be a Glasshole. Google Glass bothers me like Fitbit bothers me. It’s too much information for one human being. I’m too much of a control freak to have all of that data; how will I organize it, where will I store it? What if it breaks? Maybe I need to attend more CES shows to really get in the mood about wearables…

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  • 5 Mistakes That Hold Back Your Content Marketing

    … building. The mantra was, “the more links to your website the better for your business.” Content marketing rolled right into this link-building strategy, producing content to get more links. That has changed. Now, instead of the quantity of links, there are a lot of other factors that influence a site’s rank and influence. These include citations…

    Neil Patel/ Content Marketing Institutein Content Twitter- 15 readers -
  • He’s A Peach Of a Guy But He’ll Buy An Apple

    ….” I used to smile and nod my head. Sometimes I would ask them how much Lord Voldemort, er Steve Jobs, was paying them to drink the Kool-Aid and explain that the fervor about Apple was why I didn’t want to get into it. Something about what appeared to be blind loyalty bothered me a bit so for a while I pushed back against it by not even considering…

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  • Can This AdWords Advice Be Trusted? 5 Questions to Ask

    … Premier Consultant or tweet about it on #ppcchat. Erin Sagin is a Customer Success Manager at WordStream. In addition to conducting software training and consulting calls for clients, she also helps to maintain our usability testing program. Originally from Western Maryland, Erin majored in International Studies with a concentration in Latin America…

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  • Social selling, social business, social employees and other hype

    … seen cases where even that is not a guarantee of success. “Social business” sounds good in theory but it is very difficult to achieve in practice. 2. The social employee Another attractive idea is unleashing the power of employees to serve as social media advocates of your brand. Again, not a concept without merit, but a “trend” that is over-hyped…

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