• Google Glass, Good Riddance

    … I have a very unpopular opinion to share, especially on a technically-minded blog: I am so relieved that Google Glass is being shelved for the time being. I tried to understand Google Glass and the part of my brain that thinks logically knows that I should welcome wearables with open arms. I even talked to Robert Hernandez for a blog post…

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  • 5 Mistakes That Hold Back Your Content Marketing

    …, and severely damaging credibility. Readers are smart, so creating an article with the intent of driving traffic will only prevent your audience from drinking the Kool-Aid you’re serving.” Traffic is still a good thing, and I’m all about building traffic the right way. If you get links, great. Consider it as a nice by-product, but don’t set it forth as your…

    Neil Patel/ Content Marketing Institutein Content Twitter- 20 readers -
  • He’s A Peach Of a Guy But He’ll Buy An Apple

    ….” I used to smile and nod my head. Sometimes I would ask them how much Lord Voldemort, er Steve Jobs, was paying them to drink the Kool-Aid and explain that the fervor about Apple was why I didn’t want to get into it. Something about what appeared to be blind loyalty bothered me a bit so for a while I pushed back against it by not even considering…

    The Wonder of Tech- 11 readers -
  • Can This AdWords Advice Be Trusted? 5 Questions to Ask

    … first started working in paid search, I read this content religiously and yes, I drank the Kool-Aid. I trusted nearly every article that I read. However, as I have become a more seasoned marketer, I’ve also become a more discerning reader. The problem is, despite the huge volume of PPC advice out there, a lot of it just isn’t insightful information…

    Erin Sagin/ WordStreamin Paid Search SEO Google Twitter- 9 readers -
  • Social selling, social business, social employees and other hype

    … submit to you that it is no less difficult changing the culture of a large, established company than changing the culture of a large, established country. And for most companies, becoming a “social enterprise” will take a significant cultural change. The curse of Zappos The biggest mistake the field of social media marketing ever made was elevating…

    {grow}in Social- 9 readers -
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