• Google Glass, Good Riddance

    … on how he was innovating news apps and news coverage with the hardware. If anyone could get you into Glass, it’s him. I drank the kool-aid, I can see the future. But the emotional part of my brain was always a little scared of Google Glass and not just because it was basically an invitation to get punched in the face. I’m ok with being a jerk now…

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  • 5 Mistakes That Hold Back Your Content Marketing

    …, and severely damaging credibility. Readers are smart, so creating an article with the intent of driving traffic will only prevent your audience from drinking the Kool-Aid you’re serving.” Traffic is still a good thing, and I’m all about building traffic the right way. If you get links, great. Consider it as a nice by-product, but don’t set it forth as your…

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  • He’s A Peach Of a Guy But He’ll Buy An Apple

    … the smaller screen size was of major importance to me. A larger screen is much easier on my eyes and I felt it made it easier on my eyes and enhanced my productivity. I also paid close attention to the memory issues. I bought the 16 GB Note and then purchased a couple of 32 GB MicroSD cards. The cards are tiny and easily swapped in and out…

    The Wonder of Tech- 7 readers -
  • Can This AdWords Advice Be Trusted? 5 Questions to Ask

    … first started working in paid search, I read this content religiously and yes, I drank the Kool-Aid. I trusted nearly every article that I read. However, as I have become a more seasoned marketer, I’ve also become a more discerning reader. The problem is, despite the huge volume of PPC advice out there, a lot of it just isn’t insightful information…

    Erin Sagin/ WordStreamin Paid Search SEO Google Twitter- 5 readers -
  • Social selling, social business, social employees and other hype

    … to identify the problem. Sales professionals told me they never bought into the program, citing the fact that their customers were passive social media consumers, if they were on there at all. Turns out they were right. Research showed their competitors were dramatically increasing their spending on personal selling and it was working. What was going…

    {grow}in Social- 8 readers -
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