• Smarter Marketing With a Data-Driven Technology Stack

      At a strategic level, a social intelligence practice is built to provide valuable insights to marketers and, in turn, to drive smarter business decisions and business impact. It then stands to reason that your social listening data needs to be talking to, and integrated with, other parts of the business.

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  • How to create an effective digital marketing strategy

    … of the above questions, you can still adjust your digital marketing strategy during its execution, provided that all the team is flexible to proceed to the necessary changes. 5. Measure The measurement of your digital marketing efforts can occur in every stage, from the planning and the definition of the KPIs, to the execution and the analysis…

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  • Benchmarking Social Data: The Key to Social Insights

    … allows us to generate insights from how sentiment trends over time. In the charts below, notice that despite the large drop in volume, Zappos’ sentiment remains constant. However, the real story here is the shift in negative sentiment for both comiXology (12.8 percent) and Woot (10.5 percent). Without an initial measurement, the decline might…

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  • Six major differences between Facebook awareness and conversion campaigns

    Facebook is the biggest social network on Earth, and Facebook advertising has long been known as a great social advertising channel to drive user awareness and engagement. However, in recent years Facebook has made incredible improvements to its advertising service and has become one of the best digital ad channels for conversion-driven campaigns.

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  • Digital Marketers: It’s Time for Mobile-First Measurement (Report)

    … What you choose to measure in your digital activities can determine how you allocate your resources and provide important insights into consumer behavior. Yet with the increased adoption of mobile devices, user behavior changes rapidly. A report from Think With Google details why businesses need to shift toward mobile-first thinking. The main…

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  • How to create insights from consumers’ click histories

    … or disprove this hypothesis. 2. Tie your analysis to KPIs Your analysis might reveal plenty of information about how consumers reach and interact with your brand or with your competition, but not all information yields actionable insights. You might find that consumers searching your website tend to search three times. That’s interesting, but you…

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  • Social Listening Is Key, but What Should Brands Be Listening for?

    … by audience. Integrations: a key step for success is to tie social feedback to non-social data and make sure that social media does not live in its own silo. Integrations could be with your customer-relationship-management and sales tools, your business intelligence platform, your customer-care platforms or other social marketing platforms. Once siloed…

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  • Updated Checklist for Social Media Managers (Infographic)

    … strategy accordingly. Spend some time reconciling the goals you may have set for yourself. If you exceeded your own expectations, then set new goal that are both challenging and attainable. If you fell short, then figure out what went wrong and decide if you need to lower your goals or continue to challenge yourself. Assess key performance…

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  • Holiday Marketeer: Holiday Media Budget and KPIs

    … Welcome to the Holiday Marketeer blog series in which Boost Media serves up hearty portions of 2015 holiday digital marketing strategy ideas. In this installment, we cover holiday media budget and KPI planning considerations. Nothing says “holiday cheer” like planning your holiday media budget and KPIs. Holiday revenue opportunity is the size…

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  • Why You Need An Independent Analytics Audit

    … In front of you is an analytics report touting the success of a recent digital marketing campaign. Full of colorful charts and graphics, the report demonstrates how the campaign drove an unbelievable number of visits to your website. A stirring in your gut tells you something isn’t right. The numbers look right, but are they? Did the team…

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  • Report: Half of Strategy Game Players Spend Money in First Session

    … Game analytics and personalization platform deltaDNA has released new data, measuring the performance of free-to-play mobile games across four major genres. The data measured over 1,000 games, with a ‘fairly even’ split of iOS and Android titles, and found striking differences between genres when examining key performance indicators (KPIs…

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  • How To Derail Content Creation Without Even Trying

    …, especially if you fail. If you’re going to push yourself (and your creative team) past your limits, make sure it’s something reasonable and attainable. Losing Track Of Goals/KPIs By now, it’s pretty obvious just how much I view content as a creative endeavor. Marketing, of course, is a natural fit for those of us in the creative field, as it provides…

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  • Anatomy of a Growth Marketer: Dae Son, DraftKings

    … be responding to them, should you be turning campaigns off, should you be trying something completely different? Maybe your test was set up wrong. We’re making sure everything is performing correctly and meeting our KPIs. After that it’s conceptualizing and coming up with new ideas and finding the next target segment. If there’s 90% of the market…

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