Kred Influence Measurement, or Kred, is an influence measure run by PeopleBrowsr similarly to dotCEO and dotBESTOn August 21, 2012, Kred launched Kred Story, which uses social media data and influence measurement to produce a personal visual stream from activity on a Twitter ID or hashtag.Kred is a dual score to distinguish a person's Influence (the likelihood that someone will trust a person and act upon their posts) and Outreach (the propensity to share other people's content forward). "We think this – the Kred scoring system – is strong because it's reflective of the foundations of strong relationships everywhere: trust and generosity," said CEO Rich in an interview.
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    … – Lizenziert unter Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0-de über Wikimedia Commons Your podcast isn’t going anywhere until it gets published, which means you first need to find a host. While you can use the same host that you currently have for your server, it’s not recommended. After all, you don’t want to have…

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    ….” Social Scoring vs. Quantifiable Influence In order to drive actual revenue, predictive modeling and influence measurement would need to go well beyond social scoring services like Klout, Kred and PeerIndex. “[These services] assume influence,’” Williams observes, “based on who’s being retweeted the most. But that’s not anything you can really prove…

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    … the site and it analyzes all your activity. Klout notes who is sharing your content, the likes, comments, shares etc you get, and then a score is calculated. This score can go up or down over time. A rating of your Klout score over the last 90 days Kred – Kred offers 2 scores, calculated by your Twitter activity over the last 1,000 days…

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