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  • First Impressions Last – 5 Reasons You Need A Great Landing Page

    You’ve probably heard that you only have one chance to make a first impression. You’ve been told that first impressions last, so make them count. Do they really matter? Consider the book, Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell. He cites numerous studies that show our first impressions are fairly accurate, and that they do indeed stand the test of time.

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  • Why Good Content Is Key To Conversion

    … and explain why good content is key to conversion. First, let’s define good content. Content Is… Good content is key to conversion, but before you start writing paragraph after paragraph of copy, let’s define content and look at how it can increase your landing page conversion rate. In our overly digital age, most consumers have no patience…

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  • Copywriting Tips For Your eCommerce Brand Pages

    … Quality copywriting increases eCommerce conversion rates. There, we said it. And, yes, that’s where everyone says “Duh! Captain Obvious.” If you’re not a seasoned writer, those words may elicit a bit of fear. But, we urge you to fear not. Copywriting can be accomplished with a little creativity and some great advice. So, you’re in luck…

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  • 10 Copywriting Tips And Techniques For eCommerce Homepages

    … We talked about copywriting tips for your eCommerce product pages in a previous article, so this time, we’re going to talk about writing for your homepage. And, we’re going to put a little spin on it. Not only are we going to discuss 10 copywriting tips and techniques for eCommerce homepages, but we’re going to discuss how to do it tactfully…

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  • A Classic Formula for Gut Checking Your Landing Page Headlines

    … This copywriting formula is as classic as a Marlon Brando flick – and it’ll help you write headlines that are just as handsome. ;) If you read any marketing blogs, you know landing page conversions live or die by the copy. But how can you write headlines that reliably convert? No copywriting arsenal is complete without the 4U formula…

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  • A No-Fail Process For Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts

    … Bummed that your landing page copy isn’t converting? These eight simple steps will help get you on track. Image by Craig Howell via Flickr. Editor’s note: To celebrate the launch of The Conversion Marketer’s Guide to Landing Page Copywriting, it’s Copywriting Week on the blog! Stay tuned for more copywriting-themed posts that will help make you…

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  • Your Advanced Guide to Copywriting for Conversion [Free Ebook]

    … by training and a marketer by accident, he previously served as Editor of the award-winning multiplatform magazine Sparksheet and as a research assistant at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. You can follow his musings on media old and new on Twitter: @danjl » More blog posts by Dan Levy…

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  • Landing Page Copywriting Mistakes That Leave Your Visitors Confused and Frustrated

    Is your landing page copy sending mixed messages? Image by Alan Turkus via Flickr. Keep ‘em guessing. It may work on a first date but it’s not a good tactic for your landing pages. Why? Because ambiguity in your copy can be a conversion killer. Many marketers seem to have a difficult time writing copy that keys their prospects into exactly what they need to do.

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  • These Landing Page Copywriting “Best Practices” Turned Out to Be Conversion Fails

    … practice” and that you’d be wise not to base your new landing page on what worked for someone else. Disagree? Agree enthusiastically? Then you’ll definitely want to check out these three examples of landing page copywriting “best practice” fails… So-called best practice #1: Never be clever When writing copy for a landing page that will convert…

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  • 8 Simple But Powerful Landing Page Copywriting Tips

    … You don’t have to be Hemingway to write landing page copy that will resonate with your prospects. Image source. This post is a sneak peek at Ian Lurie’s upcoming webinar, “10 Rules for Landing Page Copy That Converts.” Looking for more advanced copywriting tips? Register below! The “short pitch” is the purest form of marketing. When I started…

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