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    • Ecommerce Landing Pages: The Good, the Bad… and the Shockingly Terrible

      Learning from others’ mistakes could mean more sales for you. Image via Shutterstock. The cardinal sin of ecommerce landing pages — for physical and SaaS products alike — is mixing lead generation and sales… on a single page. At first, that sounds incredibly odd. After all, shouldn’t ecommerce landing pages cater to both audiences: those wanting to learn a bit more and those ...

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    • 7 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page Examples [with critiques]

      Psst: This post was published previously on the Unbounce Blog. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, we’ve updated it with helpful tips and critiques that will inspire your upcoming holiday campaigns. It’s that time again: Holiday shopping season. And every business is trying to take advantage of the billions of consumer dollars that will be spent over the next four weeks.

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  • 10 Landing Page Design Examples With Conversion Rates [FREE LOOKBOOK]

    … 10 Landing Page Design Examples With Conversion Rates [FREE LOOKBOOK] By Helen Arceyut Frixione on October 5th, 2016 in Landing Page Examples Be the first to comment It doesn’t matter how much time you spend planning a marketing campaign, building a landing page or tweaking an ad. At the end of the day, only one thing defines whether your work…

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  • 36 Creative Landing Page Design Examples: A Showcase and Conversion Critique

    … Image source. Psst: This post was originally published in 2013, but we recently gave it a refresh during our two-week publishing hiatus. Since launching the Unbounce Marketing Blog, this post has become one of our top-performing posts of all time. We hope you enjoy the read. It’s landing page examples time. I’ve compiled a list of 36 landing…

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  • The Weird and Wonderful Ways You Never Thought to Use Landing Pages

    … landing page use cases along with examples for each. Let’s dig in. Event marketing Here at Unbounce, we (of course) use landing pages for all our events, be they for our employees or open to the public. Landing pages are a great fit for events because they let us collect RSVPs on the same page we use to market the event. Unlike simply adding a page…

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  • Fluff is Thy Foe: 6 Insurance Landing Page Examples + Critiques

    … out. Below, you’ll find my analysis of six insurance landing pages, along with critiques and lessons you can apply to your own campaigns within any industry. 1. Amica Home Insurance: It’s not all about you Click to enlarge. I’ll defer to copywriting expert Joanna Wiebe on the subject of using the word “we” in your landing page copy: “We…

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  • 4 Lead Gen Campaign Ideas (+ the Landing Page Templates to Power Them)

    … designed to get folks to opt in to your subscriber list and receive regular blog and content updates from you. For example, here’s a newsletter subscription campaign in action from Gumroad, a company that helps artists sell directly to their audience: Gumroad A/B tested a variety of landing pages to learn more about what incentivized their audience…

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  • Sell Your Software In A Single Page: Learn From These SaaS Landing Page Teardowns

    It can be difficult to convince someone to sign up for a service based on a landing page alone. That’s why marketers tend to focus on using content like ebooks, webinars and other resources to collect leads at the top of the funnel, and then nurture them into paying customers later on. But some of your potential customers are ready to start right now, and losing a lead that’s ...

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  • Learn to Create Emotionally Engaging Landing Pages with These 4 Examples

    … 40% of web users will leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load. But they’re not just waiting for a page to load — they’re waiting for you to get to the point. Three seconds to make an impression before they hit “Back” in their browser. Of course, it’s not enough for a landing page to load. A landing page has to persuade…

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  • 5 Real Estate Landing Page Templates for Your Appraisal

    … before you sell a house, and this landing page template offers the opportunity for you to really let your personality shine through. 4. Avira This is a landing page that would work well for someone selling multiple properties in a new suburban development, for example. From top to bottom, each section gives you the opportunity to show off features…

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  • 8 Mobile-Friendly Landing Page Templates Designed With Love

    … These mobile-friendly landing page templates were designed just for you, with love. Image source. You want your page to look professional and modern, but are you getting lost in the aesthetics and losing sight of the true goal: conversions? You need a balance of both, and we want to help. For the second year in a row, Unbounce has teamed up…

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  • 5 Annoying Barriers to Conversion on Your Mobile Landing Pages

    … Are you unintentionally setting up a wall between you and your mobile users? Image by Simon Liu via Flickr. If you subscribe to any marketing blogs, then you’ve probably read tons of articles about common landing page conversion killers. With mobile landing pages, many of the same best practices still apply. But a different device…

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  • 8 Mobile Landing Pages Get Spanked for Conversion’s Sake

    … for improvement. Move phone numbers higher up Remember: mobile users are browsing your site on a phone, which means call conversions are easy to get (if you make it easy for them). If your customer is looking for a phone number, give it to them fast. Ideally, these phone numbers should be click-to-call buttons to ensure ease of use. For the optimal…

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