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    • Effects Of Google Ranking On Any Site’s Life

      Google’s algorithm is constantly being changed and updated throughout the year but the value of your site’s ranking in Google remains as important as it has been. The supreme controller of high leads and traffics is undoubtedly Google and with it being the major factor in marketing inbound it does have a big effect on any sites that might be searched on Google.

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  • How Just One Ecommerce Popup Offer Helped Canvas Factory Generate 1.1 Million in Revenue

    … are applied What kind of customers the brand’s attracting with coupons All very useful factors in understanding how long a campaign like this is feasible for, and experimenting with different discounts. Want to push your lead data collected via landing pages, sticky bars, and popup overlays through to your mail platforms and other tools? See…

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  • Marketing 101: What is a vanity link (or vanity URL)?

    …Ever see a print ad or brochure or even a TV or radio ad that has a long, confusing URL that you’ll never type in or remember correctly? Don’t expect your customers to manually type in those confusing URLs. Use a vanity URL to create a nice, easy, memorable and branded URL to lead your customers from your offline marketing to your landing pages.…

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  • Advertising Tips When You Are Just Starting Out

    … budget, too many versions of your ads only create clutter and do not help to answer your questions. The ideal way to approach this challenge is to create between three to five variations and stick to them for a week or more. Then eliminate the poor performers and experiment with new ones. Landing Page There are a lot of moving parts that impact…

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  • 2 Reasons Not to Use a Click Through Landing Page in PPC

    … For advertisers with PPC campaigns, there are many different types of PPC landing pages they could adopt and implement to direct the targeted traffic from PPC to. The best designed websites out there don’t actually tend to use designated PPC landing pages – instead, the website is so well designed that it can use exisiting webpages as the landing…

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  • 7 Must-Haves for a Landing Page

    … A landing page plays a major role in grabbing the attention of your prospects. Photo by Christopher Harris If done the right way, this page can be a dream come true when it comes to generating leads. What Is a Landing Page? A landing page, simply put, is an attractive, elegant, and clean page that immediately gets the attention of visitors to your…

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  • 9 Lessons On Home Page Optimization From A Multiple Choice Test

    … When my daughter was choosing colleges to apply to, two of the key drivers in her decision were here scores on the SAT and ACT. These aptitude tests, in part, determined two things: Her ability to answer multiple-choice questions. Her ability to get into certain colleges. I was interested in the psychology of this staple of standardized testing: the multiple-choice test.... The post 9 Lessons On Home Page Optimization From A Multiple Choice Test appeared first on Conversion Sciences. …

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  • 5 Elements to Include on a PPC Landing Page

    … The landing page of a PPC campaign is commonly the area of the campaign which will ‘make or break’ it. By this, it is the last element of a PPC campaign which is also where the conversion by the web user takes place. For this reason, it can be considered one of, if not the, most critical element to a PPC campaign. This makes it clear…

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  • Optimizing The Landing Page Helps To Improve The Conversion Rate

    … and competitors to optimize your landing page. Knowing about the competitor’s landing page will help you create something better and unique. Piece of Information To enhance the optimization of your landing page to improve conversions you need to gain trust by openly communicating about your business and products. Help your clients by providing them with your…

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  • A Dozen+ Tactical Ad Strategies From Affiliate Summit Vegas 2017

    … I’m going share actionable tips I learned from Affiliate Summit to write better ad copy, improve your conversion rate, scale on Facebook ads, and business meeting strategies (not your typical “networking” tips). ASW17 was at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s great if you’re trying to find more ways improve your online ad campaign’s profits…

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  • The 2 tweaks that will make you dominate in any competitive market (Part 6)

    … This is the LAST part in the series on how to overcome a saturated niche. You may read part one through five here. This post is theoretical with actionable tips (assuming you’ve read the first five posts in the series). For reference, these are the 5 approaches to dominate a market: Promise the benefit. Enlarge the claim. Mechanism…

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