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  • Which SEO Landing Pages Are Making You Money?

    … When you’re building a blog to bring traffic to your site, it’s the organic search traffic that makes or breaks your efforts. A blog post is an SEO landing page. It draws visitors through the graces of the search engines. SEO landing pages are challenging, primarily because it takes time to see which of them are going to work. By publishing…

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  • Get More Online Sales with the Elements of Conversion

    … One of my most requested and highest rated presentations is The Chemistry of the Landing Page. It’s part of our Conversion Course. The elements combine to make an effective landing page. Here’s the equation for a successful landing page: Our tried and true formula for a landing page uses several elements from our periodic table of conversion…

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  • This Website Redesign Got 250% More Leads Before it Was Finished

    … optimization. This included setting up the digital lab, a set of tools that includes analytics, click-tracking, session recording and split testing. 23.4% More Sales, Leads or Phone Calls Last year we found an average of 23.4% more sales, leads and phonecalls for our clients in the first six months. 97% of them continued with us. If you have at least 300…

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