"Landing Pages"

  • Which SEO Landing Pages Are Making You Money?

    … When you’re building a blog to bring traffic to your site, it’s the organic search traffic that makes or breaks your efforts. A blog post is an SEO landing page. It draws visitors through the graces of the search engines. SEO landing pages are challenging, primarily because it takes time to see which of them are going to work. By publishing…

    Brian Massey/ The Conversion Scientistin SEO- 15 readers -
  • Get More Online Sales with the Elements of Conversion

    … optimization. This formula tells us that an effective landing page takes a Web Page (Wp), adds an Offer (Of), a Form (Fm), an Image (I) of the product plus Proof (Pr) and Trust (Tr) to get the visitor to take action. You may ask, “Where did these elements come from?” We have a palette of things to work with that help us when we’re developing…

    Brian Massey/ The Conversion Scientistin Social- 18 readers -
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