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  • How You Can Use Genuine Product Reviews to Market Your Business

    … with industry influencers and bloggers: There’s nothing wrong with on-site reviews, but the real value is found in reviews that are posted on third-party websites. Aside from basic industry review sites–or big ecommerce platforms like Amazon–you should be targeting industry influencers. This includes bloggers and social media personalities. Take…

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  • 7 Ways to Run Better Social Media Contests in 2017

    … reasons work for you and build your value, you might have to adapt some of the tactics you may have used until now. How your contests need to evolve These methods can help your contests become even more powerful in 2017 and beyond: Offer more experiential prizes: Tangible, immediate prizes–such as gift cards or a free iPad–can be attractive…

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  • Why the ‘Death of Advertising’ Is Overblown (and How Tech Is Reshaping Ads)

    For much of the past two decades, industry experts and thought leaders have speculated about the “death” of advertising. Advances in technology have opened new doors for reaching audiences, businesses are looking for new ways to reach their target customers and the old-world principles that dictated advertising strategies have evolved. But is the world of advertising really dead? Absolutely not.

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  • Attracting the Next Generation of Travelers

    … offer a way to engage. That’s where contests come in. In some ways, social media is the ideal arena for contests, which is why you’ll see giveaways on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. One great contest idea is to ask young travelers who have already stayed at your hotel to write you a review on a hotel rating site and post a screenshot…

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  • Does Your Social Media Strategy Address Customer Security Concerns?

    … time they sign up for a new service or update their software. As marketers, we’re responsible for stating important information clearly and offering ways for customers to opt out of non-vital aspects of agreements, such as allowing companies to share or sell data with others. Customers should always be given the chance to opt-out of data exchanges…

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  • 5 Steps for Responding to a Social Media Crisis

    … attention, it’s more than likely that it’s been screencapped and archived for posterity. Don’t be surprised if your post continues to pop up from other accounts; your goal here isn’t to remove the content entirely, but to show that you recognize its inappropriateness and are willing to take action against it. Sometimes, merely deleting the post…

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