Last Resort

Last Resort is an American military drama television series, that aired on ABC from September 27, 2012 to January 24, 2013. The series was created by Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek and produced by Sony Pictures Television. On November 16, 2012, ABC announced that the series would not be picked up for another season and the show finished with its original 13 episodes.
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  • How ICANN could spend its $240 million war chest

    … initial report for public comment not too long after ICANN 61 in March. Comment would then need to be incorporated into a final report and then ICANN would have to approve its recommendations and implement a process for actually distributing the funds. Don’t expect any money to change hands in 2018, in other words. Tweet Tagged: auction proceeds, auctions, ccwg, ICANN, last resort, new gTLDs …

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  • .kids auction is off

    … a Request for Reconsideration last Wednesday, asking ICANN to put the contention set back on hold. The cancellation of the January auction appears to be to give ICANN’s board of directors time to consider the RfR under its usual process — it has not yet ruled on it. DotKids and Amazon have applied for .kids and Google has applied for .kid. A String…

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  • DotKids doesn’t want .kids auction to go ahead

    …, having unfrozen DotKids’ application back in October. DotKids’ bid had been put on hold due to it losing a Community Priority Evaluation — which found overwhelmingly that the organization did not represent a proper community — and its subsequent appeals of that ruling. But the foundation now says that its application should be treated the same…

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  • Donuts rolls the dice with $22.5 million .web lawsuit

    … Donuts is demanding ICANN pay up the $22.5 million it reckons it is owed from the auction of the .web gTLD, which sold late last month for $135 million. The company yesterday amended its existing California lawsuit against ICANN to allege that Verisign tried to avoid regulatory scrutiny by secretly bankrolling successful bidder Nu Dot Co…

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  • .web could already be a record-breaker as auction enters day two

    … paused overnight was likely well over $50 million. By the time you read this, this guesswork could be moot anyway. I expect we’ll find out later today whether those assumptions were accurate. It seems unlikely that a third day’s bidding will be required. The applicants for .web are NDC, Radix, Donuts, Schlund, Afilias, Google and Vistaprint’s bid for .webs is also in the auction. Tweet Tagged: .web, auction, ICANN, last resort, new gTLDs …

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  • Donuts files $10 million lawsuit to stop .web auction

    … from outside the domain industry, perhaps that would strengthen Google’s resolve to win the auction. That’s all just me talking off the top of my head, of course. I have no idea whether or not NDC even has new backers, though its behavior in avoiding private auction goes against character and certainly raises eyebrows. The Donuts complaint, filed as its subsidiary Ruby Glen LLC, can be read here (pdf). Tweet Tagged: .web, .webs, auction, donuts, ICANN, last resort, lawsuit, new gTLDs …

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  • Is Verisign .web applicant’s secret sugar daddy?

    … is an operational registry with a disdain for new gTLD rivals. Verisign, in other words. Others think Neustar, given the fact that its non-domains business is on the verge of imploding and its previous acquisition of .CO Internet from Calle. I have no evidence either company is involved. I’m just explaining the thought process here. According to its…

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  • .web has an auction date

    … The .web gTLD will go to auction June 27, according to ICANN. The organization released an updated auction schedule (pdf) on Wednesday night that also slates .kids/.kid for an auction on the same day. Both auctions have confusing “indirect contention” elements, where two strings were ruled confusingly similar. With .web, it’s lumped…

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