Laura Cross

  • Do You Make This Lead Nurturing Mistake? Laura Cross Can Help

    … Marketing Manifesto! 6. Would a prospect be in multiple nurture tracks at the same time? For the four nurture types I shared with you today, the answer would be no. Pre-MQL, active and passive recycled and reconstituted all have a specific entry and exit point that would mean the prospect would not be in more than one of these types of nurture…

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  • Improve Sales With Better Lead Nurturing Programs

    … and advisory firm SiriusDecisions takes a deeper dive into those nurturing programs in her recent Vocus webinar. She first identifies the stages of what she calls a “demand waterfall” for those programs: General inquiries. Marketing qualified leads. Sales accepted leads. Sales qualified leads. Closed/won business. Click to enlarge. Want…

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  • How to Turn B2B Leads into Sales

    … outperform one-and-done tactics. SiriusDecisions’ research shows that the average cost per lead can decrease up to 300 percent, and the number of leads required to close a deal can be reduced by more than 100 percent. In the webinar, SiriusDecisions Research Director Laura Cross will help businesses with three facets of lead nurturing. She…

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