Law Enforcement

    • US and EU call for Whois to stay alive

      Government officials from both sides of the Atlantic have this week called on ICANN to preserve Whois as it currently is, in the face of incoming EU privacy law, at least for a select few users. The European Commission wrote to ICANN to ask for a “pragmatic and workable solution” to the apparent conflict between the General Data Protection Regulation and the desire of some f ...

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  • Cops tell Nominet to yank 16,000 domains, Nominet complies

    … Nominet suspended over 16,000 .uk domain names at the request of law enforcement agencies in the last year. The registry yanked 16,632 domains in the 12 months to October 31, more than double the 8,049 it suspended in the year-earlier period. The 2016 number was in turn more than double the 2015 number. The 2017 total is more than 16 times…

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  • ICANN loosens Whois privacy rules for registrars

    … ICANN has made it easier for registries and registrars to opt-out of Whois-related contractual provisions when they clash with local laws. From this week, accredited domain firms will not have to show that they are being investigated by local privacy or law enforcement authorities before they can request a waiver from ICANN. Instead, they’ll…

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  • Whose Data Is It Anyway?

    … for criminal activity, that raises red flags, as well. While Twitter hasn’t been able to do much about rampant racism, it has been firm with law enforcement about perceived snooping. Most recently, after an American Civil Liberties Union report accused surveillance startup GeoFeedia of “spying,” Twitter and Facebook cut off GeoFeedia’s data stream…

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  • Twitter: 360,000 Terrorism-Related Accounts Suspended Since Mid-2015

    … and the Indonesian National Counterterrorism Agency. Finally, we continue to work with law-enforcement entities seeking assistance with investigations to prevent or prosecute terror attacks. Twitter responds to valid legal process issued in compliance with applicable law as explained in our law-enforcement guidelines, and we report on these…

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  • Which States Have The Most Negative Tweets About Law Enforcement? (Report)

    … 1.2 million tweets to find out where people approve and disapprove of law enforcement is most prevalent. The report notes that while tempers on social media flare with each report of police involved fatalities, the overall sentiment regarding law enforcement seems positive: It’s important to note that negative-sentiment tweets and a negative…

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