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  • FTC Publishes Guidelines on Cross-Device Tracking

    … Just about everyone these days accesses the internet on multiple devices. Whether it is a PC and smartphone, a phone and tablet, office PC and laptop, or any other type of combination (or more likely, all of the above), ad networks work hard to track activities on all of them. When ad networks can track a single person’s activity across multiple…

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  • Proctor & Gamble Chief Says Online Media is Crap

    P&G’s chief brand officer, Marc Prichard went on the defensive this past week, saying that he would be reviewing all of its contracts with agencies, in order to find where extensive fraud was occurring and that most of the media they currently buy is crap. “P&G believed the myth that we could be the latest mover on all the new shiny objects despite the lack of standa ...

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  • Feds Going After More Facebook Users Than Ever

    … and civil society to push governments around the world to reform surveillance in a way that protects their citizens’ safety and security while respecting their rights and freedoms.” With Facebook’s stance in mind, a bi-annual report published Facebook indicates that for the first half of 2016, the social media giant saw a 27% increase in requests…

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insiderin Social- 15 readers -
  • LeadClick Loses Appeal in Circuit Court on Fake News

    Fake news sites have been used to make millions of dollars for many people through ad revenue and other methods over the years. Since the recent presidential election, they have really had the spotlight shined on them, causing many people to wonder how they can be stopped. Well, it seems that there may actually be legal steps to be taken, at least in some cases.

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insider- 16 readers -
  • Jason A. Kotzker Pay Day Scammer Banned for Life by FTC

    … The Federal Trade Commission has successfully taken down another Pay Day Scammer, Jason A. Kotzker. He had been charged by the feds in this case for selling personal information from people who thought they were applying for payday loans online and sold it to a scam that tapped consumers’ bank accounts and credit cards without consent. Scammer…

    Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insider- 11 readers -
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