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  • Slingbox Streaming Service Ad Case Dismissed

    … A complaint filed in July 2015 in the Southern District of New York alleged that, beginning in 2014, Sling Media began placing unsolicited advertisements next to streaming content transmissions being viewed by consumers, without first disclosing in the software license that it intended to do so. Plaintiffs alleged that certain…

    Richard B. Newman/ Performance Marketing Insider- 11 readers -
  • Warner Brothers Reports Own Site As Illegal to Google

    … Warner Bros’ high-pressure anti-piracy campaign went one step further last month, as the entertainment company named its own website in a list of sites that it believed had illegally infringed on its copyright. While most people can’t get Google to remove anything from their search results, Warner Bros has gone a step further and been…

    Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insider- 8 readers -
  • Cheerios To Face Trial for Fake Claims

    … Federal Judge has ruled that General Mills must stand trial in a lawsuit when it may have tricked consumers into thinking that Cheerios Protein was actually high in protein — when it actually just had loads and loads of sugar. According to US District Judge Thelton Henderson, consumers may now pursue claims that General Mills broke…

    Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insider- 9 readers -
  • Videology Blocked 28 Billion Bad Bots?

    … Videology is a video advertising platform that offers video ad spots to a variety of networks and sites around the world. The company began working with White Ops in May of 2015 to incorporate digital fraud detection into their ad inventory. They are not walking about the results of this fraud detection. They say since…

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insider- 8 readers -
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