Lead Form

  • How Document Analytics Became Our Secret Weapon

    … it should send more in-depth information on executing a content strategy in any sort of drip campaign. 4. Lead generation Document analytics has one more tool up its sleeve: the ability to easily embed lead forms within an asset. And because of that heatmap technology I’ve mentioned above, marketers know where to place that lead form in the asset…

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  • How to Build a Better Lead Form

    … your personal information. She opens her mouth to initiate small talk, but you walk right by, avoiding eye contact and trying to stifle the guilt. Lead forms are the canvassers of the marketing world. In any exchange of value, both sides need to evaluate whether they’re getting something useful in return. On the street, it’s not worth it for most…

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  • What You Gain (and Lose) With Ungated Content

    … lead forms? We’ve seen brands experiment with this. Drift made headlines this summer when it ditched email forms on all premium content, and the digital marketing community reacted in a big way. The announcement became one of the company’s top posts as it burned up the charts in marketing discussion groups. Drift has been perhaps the loudest voice…

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