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In marketing, lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. The methods for generating leads typically fall under the umbrella of advertising, but may also include non-paid sources such as organic search engine results or referrals from existing customers. Businesses strive to generate "quality" leads. Quality is usually determined by the propensity of the inquirer to take the next action towards a purchase. Lead generation is the process of creating sales leads which might convert into sale for the company.
Posts about Lead Generation
  • Link Online and Traditional Marketing to Optimize Lead Nurturing

    … In this three-part series, Content Marketing Pro, John Rugh, lays out the steps to creating more success in lead generation and explains how marketers can win friends in Sales and respect in the C-Suite. Check out part one, explaining the importance of using the right type of content and part two, focusing on how to best gather lead information…

    John Rugh/ Relevancein SEO EMail- 9 readers -
  • 7 Warning Signs of Failed Marketing and What You Can Do About It

    … Admit it…you’ve wondered. You are marketing and marketing and tweaking. Your team says they like what you are doing, but you’re not getting results. Sales leads are barely trickling in. Those leads that are coming through are low quality, and you are losing sleep over the situation. Maybe you need to be patient and give it more time. Or could…

    Growmapin EMail- 11 readers -
  • Nurturing Leads When Automation Just Won’t Do

    … When you're selling your own products, marketing automation can be quite the time-saver. Setup a paid media campaign once for each new product you add to your catalog, let the leads drip in, nurture them, convert sales, and move on. However, as powerful as marketing automation can be for generating revenue, there are some cases where automation…

    MonetizePros- 13 readers -
  • #010: You Don’t Need All the Answers with Aaron Janx

    … it is (not necessarily what you want to hear, but what will make the biggest difference in your results), Aaron would be that person. Aaron’s approach to business is powerful and unique, and I hope you will find some great value in this episode. Enjoy! Bio: Aaron Janx is an in-demand Business and Sales Mentor for coaches and consultants around the world…

    Amy Starr Allenin Social- 9 readers -
  • 12 Super-Effective Ways to Promote Your Upcoming Webinar

    … You did it! You planned an awesome webinar on something you’re passionate about. So, how do you get the word out there and get people to show up to see all the great things you have to say? You could try to just wait it out and hope people will find it organically, but chances are, that probably won’t work all that well…

    The IMPACT Blog- 10 readers -
  • 4 Common-Sense Inbound Marketing Tips To Generate High-Quality Leads

    … lead generation forms to qualify your leads In the lead generation process, a website visitor completes a form to access a premium content offer. To generate the maximum number of leads, you should ask for the least amount of information. Many B2C companies just ask for a name and email address. But remember, our objective is to generate high…

    The Inbound Growth Blog- 10 readers -
  • The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Lead Generation Success: Pt. 1

    … In this three-part series, Content Marketing Pro, John Rugh, lays out the steps to creating more success in lead generation and explains how marketers can win friends in Sales and respect in the C-Suite. Let’s face it: Marketing is a hard way to make a living. Every day, you are confronted with one obstacle after another. And here’s the biggest…

    John Rugh/ Relevancein EMail- 8 readers -
  • What You Gain (and Lose) With Ungated Content

    … not need. That’s not exactly a customer-centric experience. But can you really blame marketers? They’ve been tasked with building audiences and delivering leads to hungry sales teams. Eighty-five percent of B2B content marketers report that lead generation is the most important KPI for their organization. Can they reliably hit their goals without…

    The Content Strategistin Social EMail Content- 8 readers -
  • How to Use Twitter Cards for Business

    … carefully. Before you publish, you can preview how your card will look on multiple devices. After you launch your Twitter ad campaign, your website card is saved in your Twitter Ads account in the Creatives > Cards section, so you can use the card again if you want. Lead Generation Card The lead generation card offers more than encouragement…

    Kristi Hines/ Social Media Examinerin Social Twitter How To's- 8 readers -
  • The Complete Guide To Direct Response Advertising On Twitter [SlideShare]

    …Now is the perfect time to explore the potential of Twitter advertising. As Twitter live streams NFL games during the 2016 football season, a massive audience of mobile-friendly consumers will be flocking to the site to catch all the excitement. View this SlideShare to learn tips, tricks and strategies that will help your ads attract clicks…

    Nanigansin Social Twitter- 10 readers -
  • Google Penalty for Pop-Ups Coming in 2017

    … Google has announced that they'll be penalizing sites that use an interruptive pop-up, especially those that cover a significant amount of content. Web visitors rejoice. Can I get a Yay? Yay! Known in the web marketing and SEO worlds as interstitials – collectors of email addresses and more – pop-up messages are often frowned upon by visitors…

    Randy Milanovic/ KAYAK ONLINE MARKETING BLOG in Google- 11 readers -
  • 4 Psych-Backed Marketing Techniques to Get Inside Your Buyer's Head

    … One of the fundamental steps in developing your Inbound strategy is identifying the right people your business should target (buyer personas) and crafting the right marketing messages to appeal to those people. Although this seems like marketing 101, in practice, it’s surprisingly challenging. Effective targeting requires you to get inside…

    The IMPACT Blog- 6 readers -
  • How to Use Opt In Forms to Increase Leads and Sales

    … my business card on every coffee table I could find. It’s not as though those weren’t worthwhile ideas, but my entire business changed when I became skilled at lead generation. Generating your own leads is the holy grail of succeeding at sales. When you generate your own leads, you are not reliant on outside lead suppliers, and you keep a steady…

    Growmapin EMail How To's- 7 readers -
  • 14 Easy Techniques You Can Master to Quickly Disqualify Leads

    … RGR Marketing HIgh Quality B2B Leads Online Top Salespeople Know That Lead Disqualification Is Key to Success If you’re new to the sales world, then you might be extremely reluctant to disqualify your sales leads, especially if you’ve purchased them some time in the recent past. After all, it’s your job to close leads, not to get rid of the ones…

    Matty Byloos/ RGR Marketing- 8 readers -
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