Lead Generation Strategies

    • 10 Actionable Steps to Convert Your Website into a Lead Generation Tool

      A business website is a powerful online channel for reaching out to potential customers. Investing in a website is worthless if it’s not acquiring you enough leads and conversions. Here are 10 actionable steps for converting your website into a powerful lead generation tool. 1. Blog Subscription You first need to ensure that you have a business blog.

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    • 5 Tricks to Generate More Leads for Your Business

      In an article on the Shopify blog, marketing expert Jacqueline Biggs once talked about the 10% strategy. The 10% strategy is the process of making small, incremental changes to your marketing plan. These changes can bring in a significant increase in profits or savings over the long term. This strategy is also effective in the lead generation process.

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  • How to Add 25% More Gross Profit to Your Bottom Line Part Two

    … extremely valuable advice that people can apply to their businesses in the next 30 days or less! As always, if you got any value out of this post, please Google Plus or tweet this. Thanks! And be sure you grab your explosive, free 22-step small business marketing idea kit series. It will help you increase your profits by as much as 25% in the next 90…

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  • How to Add 25% More Gross Profit to Your Bottom Line

    … Have you ever ordered a pizza from a company that wasn’t one of the nationally franchised brands? You and probably millions of others have, correct? Perhaps you’re wondering what, if anything, ordering pizza has to do with strategically growing your small business. Not to worry—you’ll discover the connection in just a little bit. Have you…

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  • How to Use Lead Magnets to Grow Your Business Effectively

    … strategies on a very small scale before you permanently roll them out.) Use Lead Magnets to Help Other Local Vendors Grow One of the real keys to consistently growing your business and increasing your gross profits is systematically helping other local vendors accomplish the same goals. Marketing Strategy 1 Look around and find a few reputable, local, non…

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  • How to Turn Your Dead Assets into Mega Profit Centers

    Do you have any idea just how many aspiring entrepreneurs have written books on practically every subject imaginable? And did you know that according to a recent survey by Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest, the vast majority of the unsold copies get shredded? A staggering 77% of the 9,200+ survey participants readily admitted that they barely earn more than $1,000 dollars gross profit a .

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  • 7 Ways Pinterest Can Help You Build Qualified Leads

    …, or simply a URL. As an online entrepreneur, you also can exploit the unique benefits Pinterest has to offer in order to build your list of qualified leads. Here are seven fast and simple ways to do so. Create Your Own High-Value Pinboard Build your sphere of influence by creating a follower base, which is the key to your long-term sustainability…

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  • How You as an Entrepreneur Can Benefit from WOMM Part Two

    … vendors attend a family holiday event? You best believe they will be showing off some of their newly acquired jewelry! Lead Generation Outreach Is a Bargain by Comparison So here’s the next step in the retail jeweler’s relatively inexpensive marketing strategy. This is a strategy the retailer can and should inexpensively test before diving in head first…

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  • How You as an Entrepreneur Can Benefit from WOMM

    …, using a simple marketing template example. Your Best Lead Generation Strategies Should Be Effective, Not Fancy Let’s suppose you run a fairly successful, upscale, single location, up-and-coming retail jewelry store. And you’re constantly looking for some effective, non-traditional, low-cost, creative ways to strategically get the word out without…

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  • Three Simple Ways Savvy Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Profits Now! Part Two

    … idea about your particular customer, client and or patients, total lifetime customer value. Otherwise, you’re potentially flirting with a major disaster laying in wait! Make sure whatever offers you make are sustainable and profitable. You don’t want to be going into the red to fulfill them! Get Effective At Lead Generation And You’ve Just Taken…

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  • 3 Simple Ways Savvy Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Profits Now!

    … ways of marketing their valuable goods or services. However, those plans are all too often quickly dashed, once the owners bother to look at the sobering return on investment (ROI) data, or lack thereof, these types of promotional strategies tend to yield. It’s no wonder why within five short years or less, these formerly enthusiastic small…

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  • Why Personalized Communication Is Its Own Lead Generation Strategy

    … RGR Marketing HIgh Quality B2B Leads Online Why Personalized Communication Is Its Own Lead Generation Strategy Personalized communication can be time-consuming, and therefore costly to many businesses. Often relegated to the “lead-nurturing” step in many lead generation strategies, it is difficult to overestimate the simple effective power…

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