• Is Home Based Business Success Based on Leadership?

    …Is Home Based Business Success Based on Leadership? Leadership has always been something we regard as an important part of any success. Look at any sports team who wins a major, and everyone immediately agrees that the coach is a great leader. Funny how we always look to someone else for leadership and rarely see the leadership we offer ourselves…

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  • Companies With Culture Data Outperform Those Without It

    … to be differentiator for attracting and retaining the best employees.” The workforce shift from baby boomers to millennials is creating a sense of urgency for small and large company leaders to focus on culture, as talented, creative employees search for a place where they fit in, feel valued, and enjoy what they are doing. To figure out how to identify…

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  • How to Stop Waiting For Permission and Become a Leader Right Now

    Have you been waiting for someone to give you permission to be, do, or have the things you really want in your life? From who? And for what? Most of us have been trained our entire lives to follow instructions and to do things when we are told. We are taught to wait until we are given permission to do something.

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