• 3 Things You Must Know for a Successful Social Media Marketing Career

      Are you a digital or social marketer wanting to progress in your business and marketing career? Do you find yourself getting stuck, getting passed over for promotions? Do you often find it hard to win budgets, grow your team or simply justify your own job? Or it could be you are having a hard time landing or even keeping the job in the first place.

      Pam Marketing Nutin Social- 21 readers -
    • BNR 165: The 9 best marketing, media and business lessons we ever learned

      James, Nic and Sarah each share the three best lessons they’ve learned during their long careers in the media and marketing space. They share their tips on management, writing skills, audience, marketing, media, public relations and more. Brand Newsroom is a marketing podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating — covering marketing, content marketing, ...

      Lush Digital- 12 readers -
  • 7 Inspiring Podcasts on Work, Leadership, & Life for Your Thanksgiving Travels

    … about 10 years ago. But that doesn't mean I want to leave you brave Turkey Day Road Warriors without inspiration as you chart your own journey home toward family, friends, loved ones, and tryptophan. To help you on your way, here are nine addictive podcast episodes across a wide range of topics: productivity, storytelling, leadership, UX, when life falls apart, time management, and everything in between. …

    The IMPACT Blog- 7 readers -
  • What is Leadership? -- And Does It Really Matter?

    … Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Retired (RET) Chris Hockenberry took command of the 1st Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment on a beautiful fall day in 2012. Captain (CPT) Caleb Ling and I (then CPT Duprey) stood in front of our companies on Pike Field. Our troopers had their M4s and fixed bayonets, and we were doing the All-American parade…

    The IMPACT Blog- 7 readers -
  • "What to Do When Life Doesn't Go As Planned" (MarketHer Ep. #12)

    … We all have those moments in our life when something big happens and we just freeze. They're unexpected; unplanned. When those situations arise, there are two ways to handle them: Freak the hell out or calmly look at options to solve it. In this week's episode, we talk about how to handle life's unplanned events and what you can do to better…

    The IMPACT Blog- 9 readers -
  • 5 ways to epically fail at business leadership

    … better, tips from our video production gurus, and a podcast or two from our favourite podcasting team, Brand Newsroom. In the meantime, you might enjoy these: BNR 146: Our philosophies on leadership, management and building a team Using Video to Keep Your Internal Communication Open Modern Marketing: Are you a leader or a follower? Brand Newsroom 32: Real-time marketing failure The post 5 ways to epically fail at business leadership appeared first on Lush Digital Media. …

    Lush Digital- 12 readers -
  • "Working in a Male-Dominated Industry (Deana Poole Interview)" [MarketHer Ep. 11]

    … Working in male-dominated industries can present its fair share of challenges; Some real and some percieved. In this week's episode, we invited Deana Poole, a sports radio saleswoman from Philly to join us and share her challenges and more importantly her advice for being successful in your career. In what is, honestly, my favorite MarketHer…

    The IMPACT Blog- 8 readers -
  • "Marketing Lessons From Our First 10 Episodes:" Inbound Success Ep. 11 [Show Notes]

    … What are the best inbound marketers doing to get great results from their campaigns? That is the question that I set out to answer each week here on The Inbound Success Podcast, and now that I have published the first ten episodes, I wanted to take some time to distill the lessons learned from those interviews. Ten episodes might not sound like…

    The IMPACT Blog- 10 readers -
  • 6 Reasons Leadership Training Should Be Essential for Every Business

    … Productivity By training your leaders in effective leadership skills, you can increase the productivity of your workforce. Leaders are there to provide direction to staff and ensure they are performing at or above expectations. It the case of a shortfall, the leaders you’ve trained will have the ability to assess problems, manage situations…

    Growmapin Paid Search- 10 readers -
  • "LulaRoe Lawsuit: 4 Things to Know When Starting a Business [MarketHer Ep. 10]

    … In case you haven't already heard, LulaRoe, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides wholesale inventory to its retailers in the form of leggings and family fashion, is being sued. Having all stood in the role of an entrepreneur, Angela, Brie, and Britt all have valuable and differing insights on how to protect yourself as you begin…

    The IMPACT Blog- 10 readers -
  • How to Evaluate & Pay Your People Well: A Peek Behind the Pay Check

    … Do your employees know how you figured out their salaries? Do they see their future at your company? Do you know how to show them it? Unfortunately, many leaders who have the desire to answer these questions will ultimately answer no.They may say that market research was done and a negotiation took place, but when you dig deeper, most leaders…

    The IMPACT Blog- 10 readers -
  • Digital Analytics + Marketing Career Advice: Your Now, Next, Long Plan

    … job to automation soon? (The answer was, yes.) The Now section provides advice on how investing in growing your Analytical Thinking will contribute to greater success in the role you are in. The Next section provides advice on what you should be doing to invest in yourself to get ready for the depth and breadth change Artificial Intelligence…

    Avinash Kaushik/ Occam's Razor- 10 readers -
  • Brand Newsroom 159: Are you a thought leader or just pretending to be?

    … View Larger Image Brand Newsroom 159: Are you a thought leader or just pretending to be? Following Sarah’s assertion on a recent episode that “if everyone says they’re a thought leader, then no one is”, James, Nic and Sarah discuss “thought leadership”. Is it a hollow marketing term? Or are the people who claim to be thought leaders actually…

    Lush Digital- 13 readers -
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