Leadership Lessons

    • A Day to remember our heroes

      Friday is Veterans Day, a time to remember the brave men and women who defended our country. We watched a movie called Hacksaw Ridge (video included) directed by Mel Gibson that featured a highly underestimated private that saved a great many men at Io Jima after a major battle there. Badly understated he would not carry a gun for personal reasons. But he p ...

      Jeff Ogden/ Fearless Competitor- 9 readers -
  • How Marketing Grew to be the Most Important Area of Your Business (without your knowledge)

    … complain about their salespeople’s inability to get meetings are saying the same thing that people said over 100 years ago. “I need better salespeople.” is like “I need a faster horse.” Smarter CEO’s will invest in marketing like Marketo did and demonstrate a long term commitment and patience to adapt to this new world will prosper. Filed under: Leadership Lessons, Management best practices, Marketing, Marketing Automation, marketing campaigns…

    Jeff Ogden/ Fearless Competitor- 12 readers -
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