Lee Rainie

  • What Makes Internet Users Surrender Personal Data? (Study)

    … What do Internet users expect in return for sharing their personal data? A new report from Pew Research Center sought to answer that question. Pew used six hypothetical scenarios to gauge respondents’ expectations, and the one that involved social media was presented as follows: A new social media platform is being used by your former high…

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  • STUDY: Does Social Media Use Cause Stress?

    … strengths. For example, other studies have found that cell phones and instant messaging are more likely to be used with family and close friends. To add to this complexity, we found that men and women used digital technologies differently, and this is important for understanding how people are exposed to information about stressful events in others…

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  • What Will Facebook Privacy Be Like in 2025?

    … changed. David Clark, senior research scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory: There will be a swing back from the total voluntary disclosure we see today on sites like Facebook. What we will see is a more nuanced way for people to deal with their different friends and colleagues…

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