Legal Aspects Of Social Media

  • “Delete” does not mean deleted. 4 Steps to protect your privacy

    … money? Deleting posts could cost you, legally speaking. If you’re part of a legal case in which your social media posts might be relevant (so, pretty much every case EVER), you’re prohibited from deleting them. Removing posts or deleting your profile on the social networks could be considered “spoliation of evidence,” and could result in civil…

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  • Are you #BreakingTheLaw by using Hashtags?

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist The “pound sign” (#) has seen quite a resurgence in popularity the past few years, as people repurpose it as the omnipresent hashtag on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Marketers and brands jumped on the hashtag train early (with some hilarious missteps), using hashtags to run giveaways…

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